Is you Togo Birkin collapsing ?

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  1. While I love Togo, it really seems very souple for a 35 cm Birkin. I fear that with continued use, the bag will not hold it's shape over the years, so I use mine sparingly. Of course, the collapsed look can be appealing in some ways, like the Mou Bolide.
    The 30 cm would hold shape better, I am sure.
    Does anyone know how long Hermes has been using Togo for Birkins?
    Hope to hear other opinions.

  2. I hope my 35cm black birkin in togo wont collapse :s
    It is much softer than the box, epsom and VL ...

    Mine is very new so I really can't answer your question :sweatdrop:
  3. I think you should stuff it while its away in the big beautiful orange box!! Stuffing it will help keep its shape!
  4. Mine has softened a bit, maybe settled, she's getting comfortable being a Rouge H girl out in the world :balloon:... but not collapsed. I think it gives it character and makes me more comfortable about using it. What I do hate to see is "celebrities" who cram it full of stuff like a cheap tote bag.
  5. Mine has softened, not collapsed as well. I keep my stuffed with tissue though to help retain its shape. Togo has been around for some time...I've had mine since 2003 and it looks fine; however, I noticed that some earlier bags like mine have a tougher, more raised grain than my Vert Anis which I got this past year--it has a softer finer grain. The Vert Anis definitely seems a bit plusher and softer than my older Black one, but it's not collapsing like Clemence would.
  6. I always liked the soft floppy look on the Birkin and Kelly styles. My Clemence Kelly 32 is 28 Clemence is a little floppy, so I am guessing (?) that the larger the bag, the more the flop ( of course, depending on the particular leather/skin soupleness too)
  7. Don't stress on that one...relax...enjoy it! It was made to be used!!!
  8. Yep collapsed or not, your togo Birkin would still be a dream bag, just enjoy it to the fullest! Mine has softened but not collpased BTW.
  9. I was told by the craftsman to store it standing up but stuffed with either tissue paper or the bubble pillows it comes with. I will put a folded up (clean) towel in mine in a pinch if I am in a hurry when coming in and don't wish to dig out the tissue paper. I've had mine for 1.5 years and while the sides are "softer" it has not collapsed like Clemence would.
  10. Uhm ... does anyone know whether or not ostrich would slouch on a Birkin?
  11. Mine is only 6 months old., but no slouching yet. I stuff it with cloths when it's in the box.
  12. I've never seen an ostrich slouch, not even an old Birkin.

    My togo Birkin does slouch, but I'm to blame for that. I always kick it under the seat on my flights. I'm none too gentle with my bags.
  13. True, mostly their posture is excellent!

  14. No slouching on my togo but it is fairly new.
    I wonder if having a purseket, chamelon etc helps to keep it from slouching???!!!!
  15. Togo tends to slouch, it is a natural prosess, part of it's charm...
    If you keep it fairly full, but not overstuffed with heavy objects it will look firmer:idea: