Is yoogis serious??

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  1. Just wondering if yoogis usually offer such low quotes for brand new louis vuitton items. I am shocked at how low there offers are! Does anybody know any other sites where items for consignment arent so bad?

  2. I tried fashionphile but their quotes are a few dollars less than yoogis.
  3. did you try to negotiate?
  4. I didnt know yoogis would negotiate..I thought you just email them the information and whatever quote you get emailed is it. I guess I could try calling them to see.
  5. I am not sure either, but it would not hurt to try.
  6. It will all depend on the popularity of the item you are trying to sell to them, so not necessarily anything to do with the item being new. You could consign with them rather than asking them to buy outright - you won't get paid until the item sells but you should receive more.
  7. I haven't sold many things, but I usually will get a quote from yoogis and fashionphile to know the worth of some of my bags. Fashionphile has always offered me more bucks, albeit not that much more than yoogis.
    It certainly does depend on the bag as well.
  8. yoogis tried to lowball me on a Celine bag a few weeks ago, they offered $500 less than what I saw the bag going for on ebay, so I sold it on ebay and made a nice profit and way more than what Yoogis was offering. If ebay isnt an option for you try bag borrow or steal, but you will have to send them the bag 1st
  9. You can always try FP and see if they offer more. If you sell on ebay, look up "sold listings" and see what your item is selling for in the current market. If you do sell on the 'bay, be sure to factor in the 12% cut they will take (9% for ebay fees; 3% for Paypal fees) plus what you will pay to ship and insure your item. GL! Doing just a little research will help you find the option that is best for you.
  10. Yoogis has offered me great price on item I sold to them. Fashionphile offered me less. So I went with yoogis.
  11. +1 There's no doubt you will make more $ selling on The Bay. 30% on Yoogies/FP and 12% on The Bay for fees.

    But selling a high end item on the Bay has its own pitfalls. Sometimes the nuts come out of the wood work. :cray: (This just happened to me this past weekend)

    I have to have a thick skin to sell on the Bay sometimes, but I do it anyway because I make more $.
  12. I agree when I sold one of my LV items on the bay holy crap I was like what part of firm no offers did you not understand .. I eventually after a week got the asking price so it worked out in the end I would go with the bay I tried yoogis and while I love to buy from them I wouldn't sell due to the low balls
  13. eBay is also a bigger risk..
    I have read horror stories about the buyer saying they got a box of rocks instead of the bag...
    And eBay and PayPal will side with the buyer every time!
    I'm too chicken to sell on eBay..
    I will take a bit less from yoogis not to have the stress!
  14. Try coutureusa. They are really good.