Is yellow gold making a comeback? Yay or nay?

  1. Back in the old days until I was in my 20's yellow gold was hot. Then white gold seemed to be a staple. Lately, I noticed more and more yellow gold jewelry on display at the shops. What you guys think? Do you like the look of yellow gold?
  2. Yellow gold has always been around. I love it more than white gold.
  3. I think you should wear whichever kind suits you best and that you really like!
    I have pieces in yellow, white and rose gold and will wear them no matter whether they're "in" or not. :yes:
  4. Yellow gold is definitely back, it wasn't popular so much for some time
    It's start coming back for few years already and it's going to stick around fro sure. White gold it's classic as well, it looks so beautiful with white diamonds.
    Personally, i don't wear my white gold Jewellery for 4 years already and only buying new jewellery in yellow gold.
  5. I think it's made a big comeback. It was never a fashion faux pas or anything; I think it will always be classic, but right now it's HOT.

    I've was a sliver/white gold person in the past, but now that gold has made a comeback I've been wearing it more and I really like it. I have peachy skin (pink and yellow undertones) so I can wear both, but I really like how yellow gold earrings and necklaces seem to warm up my face!
  6. And it also probly depends on what color outfit one wears. What do you think? I personally love YG but the color seems to disappear on my skin since I am kinda pale. Personally I love YG pendants and bracelets but am interested to own some earrings with diamonds on them. Lola also gave me some useful information on how to match YG with diamonds. She said that anything less than J color would look best on YG. If its lower than J, the diamond would look too yellow on white gold. That figures why most engagement rings are set in white gold instead. My mom's ER is yellow gold and it does look stunning, well maybe because its an old cut and is about 50 years old and most probly less than J color.
    Anyway, keep opinions coming gals:graucho:
  7. Ooooh I was always wondering if YG matches my skin tone too. Its similar to yours! And I totally agree on YG warming up a face!
  8. i love both yellow and white gold (+ rose gold) depends on my mood and the clothes i am wearing. there is something about yg that is sooo deep and warm + mysterious :heart:
  9. ITA!!!:tup::heart:
  10. Honestly I think yellow gold is just as "in style" as white right now, kinda like how you can wear any style jeans if you KWIM...... I especially like 18K because it's such a vibrant yellow. I'm not a huge yg person myself but I do own a couple of pieces that have a bit of 18 K yg with white gold, one of them is a canary diamond and the yg is what the canary is set it.
  11. OMG Lola!!! Do you mind posting pics???? I dont think I will ever get to own a yellow canary diamond but I just love to drool over other people's pieces:drool:
  12. ^^ here it is, really it's about a .5 carat canary and was not super expensive, I just love it!
  13. Perfectly stated!
  14. Dang!!! That is lovely:drool:!!! You must be getting lots of compliments!!! Thanks for posting!!! Now Im obssessed with anything yellow LOL Yellow gold, yellow stones, yellow anything LOL!
  15. I agree 100%. The difference this time around is that both white and yellow gold are in at the same time!!! In the past it was one or the other. I remember thinking that white gold was sooooo old fashioned (in my 20`s). Then I decided that I hated yellow gold and overnight all of my jewellery became obsolete. I rhodeum plated all my everyday jewellery including er. I secretely `felt` for yellow gold wearers as if they didnt know any better!!!! (j/k);)

    Now, it is obvious to me that jellow gold is back to its rightful place at the top of the fashion ladder. I am slowely being dragged back into the yellow gold world...but definately not kicking and screaming. It is exciting wearing yellow gold because it feels so new to me after such a long self imposed exile.

    But maybe due to my age, I dont have energy to redo all my jewellery again and feel that I will stick to the white gold. But I definately see both as being in fashion these days.

    The days when only one shoe toe, one pant style, and one skirt length were in fashion are well and truely over. There is so much diversity in todays fashion, that it is only reasonable that the same lack of rules would apply to jewellery.

    Its much more fun in todays times than in our olden days of very rigid rules, and having so much obsolete clothes and shoes every new season!