Is legit?

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  1. Just came across this website for "Direct Online Sale Boutique", with email-only contact info, am wondering if anyone is familiar with their products. Are the bags fakes? Thanks.
  2. Their bags are fakes. They sell brands that are never sold on third party sites.
  3. What are they selling Chanel and LV:confused1:
  4. Agree. Terrible counterfeits :tdown::tdown:

    Stay away.
  5. thought it seemed a little suspicious...
  6. hi there! This site has been discussed below. Fakes. :tdown:

    If you do a search, you'll find another thread on it.
  7. Oh ok... Thank you so much for letting me know...I just couldn't believe that the products could be real! Thanks a lot for your help.
  8. Always look carefully through these sites. Read their "About Us", "FAQs", "Returns" and "Contact Us" sections closely. Usually just this information will give it away immediately.

    Couple of other things to watch out for when you're checking out these sites:

    1. Prices that are "too good to be true." I mean, seriously: $875 for a 35cm Birkin?? Gimmee a break! :rolleyes:

    2. The only authorized online retailers of new Louis Vuitton products are eLuxury and Louis Vuitton's own website. Any other site claiming to sell "new" LV is selling fakes.

    3. Sites that charge a restocking fee for returns. This one charges 15%. :tdown:

    4. Sites that use stock photos of the bags. This one includes some stock photos and some that look like the actual bag...but it's something to look out for on other sites. In this site's FAQ section, it specifically states that no additional photos of a bag will be provided. SKETCHY!!!

    5. Sites without an address or phone number to contact them.

    6. You can look up the website domain registration on This website is protected by - so the owner is hiding name, address, etc. This can be a red flag too.
  9. redney

  10. ^^^^


    Can we cut and paste your response above to all the new posts here from now on????

    LOL but not really
  11. Also redney:

    Google the website name. It's amazing what you might find on the internet!!!

  12. thanks, queen and Gina!! Feel free to cut-n-paste away but make sure to include Gina's great point on Googling the site!! :tup:
  13. You folks here are awesome. Thanks for all of your advice. I am new to this and have been doing a ton of research on line but this is the place to get the best info. I want to find a supplier who sells authentic bags to sell for my resale business. I can not find a legitimate site yet. Everytime I think I have found one, a little digging proves that they are selling fakes. Is anyone out there buying authentic bags at wholesale for resale ? I think not.
  14. Hey Don, glad we could be of help! :welcome: Hope you stick around the PF - lots of great people and info here. :yes:

    I'm of the understanding that no high-end designers sells their products at wholesale. It just wouldn't make sense for them to reduce the value and cache of their brands this way. With that said, I don't know the pricing structure brands give to retailers such as NM, Saks, etc. but it seems to me these sales agreements would be exclusive to that retailer, KWIM?

    I'm not an expert though so hopefully those with more knowledge will chime in.