Is working your Glutes really THAT good?

  1. Ive been working out on the Lateral Thigh Trainer for two weeks and it really has toned me up. I don't make it hard to pump, so its on more of a crdio workout as I want to burn calories and tone more than build muscles- as I already have uite muscley -thus large-thighs.

    I work out 17-20 mins a day as cardio on the LTT (i do stretches crunches and weight training as well). But yesterday I went for 22mins and today I think I may die of glute ache. :Push:

    The thing I want to know is; what is the use of working the glutes? Won't it just make my butt even bigger? (working on the theory of-the more I work te more musl i get on my thighs or arms and they get bigger- but I don't want my butt bigger! It's already big as it is!!!!)
  2. I dont really know much about exercise,but, as far as I have been told, it takes muscle to burn fat, so you should be toning ur butt, but burning the fat off, so really it shouldnt get bigger....????
  3. OK I hope I deliver the information correctly.
    But I'm positive I saw on a TV discovery health channel documentary that the But/Hips in our body are the only area that can actually shrink in size as a result of adding muscle. Not only because you lose the fat, but with added muscle, the bone structure tightens up in the but area, thus making it smaller!!

    It's also the only area that can LIFT as a result of adding muscle and tightening of bone structure.
  4. Oh! thanks!
    I really hope it IS true! As I have been working out so hard, the last think i need is a bigger butt!
  5. My information is that exercise like biking will make your butt smaller, tighter, higher. Defnitely not bigger.
  6. ^ right. And spinning for example doesn't make it bigger but smaller. If any of you do spin, it is actually the high-resistance slow spinning that builds lean muscle (kind of backwards of what you would think!)