is wine Matellic 266 or Begie GST GH available anywhere?

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  1. prefer Saks or Bloomingdale, thanks a lot.
  2. BG has beige gst gh... not sure about saks or bloomies sorry
  3. I saw Beige GST GH at NM 2 days ago at Tyson VA.
  4. thanks a lot for the info. Is 09 dark beige or 10c light beige? which one is more attractive?
  5. ...And do you know if it's the new GST or the old version?
  6. bg has the old beige and white and the new black
  7. Thanks - I have been looking too and no one seems to have the new Biege GST

  8. Ive seen soooo many new style black GSTs... BG, 57th, Bloomies... and all the other colors are old style. It seems like everybody only got the new black gst before the increase and no other colors, (in ny at least)