Is white ok in f/w?

  1. What do you guys think...for us folks in year round heat-ie FL,CA,TX is it ok to have a white flap? I'm debating over beige caviar flap with gh or white with sh. I like white more, but I think beige is more versatile. What say u ladies of tPF? TIA
  2. Actually I love white in the summer and specially in the winterseason!!
    I'd say go for the white, specially when you live in a area where it's summer all the time!!
  3. I think it's fine..

    I wear all colors in all season.. I don't really care what color goes with what season..
  4. I see lots of beautiful white things for winter in the hot or cold. I think it would be great!
  5. If I lived in FLA or CA, I'd carry a white bag any time. In in Jersey so as much as I always say Im going to carry my white bags, I end up feeling no desire to carry it in the winter for some reason.
  6. Thanks ladies.
  7. Where I live we don't get snow, we get rain for winter lol.

    I wear white whenever I feel like wearing white (bags, clothes, accessories, whatever). I was never one to go along with the colors that supposedly match the season.
  8. If I lived in FL I would wear it.
  9. I prefer ivory over white white.