Is white GST worth to try?

  1. I saw white GST today and it looks so gorgeous and more fun to go (I like black too but I have plan to get Black in Jumbo cavier soon... I know that white is difficult to main, however, compared to other styles like jumbo cavier, or expanable flap is it much different? Any tip that you may share?

    Sorry if this thread may duplicate with previous one but the search function does not work now... and somehow I may need to make decision soon... TIA :smile:
  2. I think the white GST is gorgeous, it is so pristine looking, everytime I see it as Saks or NM I pick it up and prance around......maybe will be my next purchase, Love it:nogood::heart:H
  3. I love the white GST. I probably won't get one any time soon since I already have a white jumbo caviar and I already have a black GST.

    The white caviar really isn't as hard to care for as most people think. My white flap still looks great! If it *does* get a little dirty, I just use Apple Guard leather cleaner, conditioner, and water/stain repellent spray and it's good as new. :yes:
  4. Thanks for tip :smile:
  5. I think it would be amazing in the white. And I agree, the cav leather on the GST is up to withstanding alot, so even in white, its gonna just wipe off.

    I would love to see a piccie of it in the white, and if you have the chance to go for it, then why not :biggrin: