Is white a dumb color to buy?

  1. I love, love the white city. Is this a stupid color to buy? Will it look awful after a few uses? Will it yellow? Get way dirty? I am not really hard on purses or anything but is it inevitable?
  2. I think it depends on you personally. For me, it would be utterly impractical. I bought a white leather bag last summer, and the second day I wore it, I got a blue pen mark on it. I'm kinda rough on my bags though - it may be fine for you. If you're in love with it, and can keep it clean, why not?
  3. Hmmm, I dont see why it would be "stupid" or "dumb"??? I have a white city and love it to pieces. She's as clean and pristine as the first day I got her. It really depends on you and how you care for your stuff i'd have to say...
  4. I agree with hippiechic. I want a white bag but I have three kids & that's what holds me back from buying one. I don't think I could keep it clean.
  5. I have a white Twiggy that I used all summer and it still looks as good as new. I sprayed it with AG before I started using it. I think white is a fabulous choice!
  6. White is an awesome color, but I can def understand the apprehension of a getting a white bag.

    I got a white bag a few months ago and I used AG on it and it has been great. I got ink on the handle a few weeks after getting it and I used Coach leather cleaner on it and it removed the spot almost completely.

    I am usually pretty careful with my bags though, I don't plop them on the floor or anything.
  7. I love white bags. Spay it with Apple Guard, 3 coats, don't miss the handles and corners. Repeat that once a month. I don't carry mine by the handles. I use the strap. The worst thing that I did is put on tinted moisturizer and grab my bag when I am in a hurry. Apple cleaner took it all off but I make sure I wash my hands after using that or makeup.
  8. Not dumb...but brave !!!!
    I really love white b-bags...but I know I would be scared of use it if I had one...
  9. dumb shouldnt even describe it. it's just a white leather bag. clean it if it gets dirty.
  10. Same thing here but I really want one (off white, calcaire or naturel) for spring.
    I think white bags are wonderful for spring and summer!
  11. agree!
  12. I have a white first, and I use it more so than my black first. Im very careful with my bags so I treat them with alot of care when I use them. My bag seems to be fine, it doesnt get dirty, well not that I notice at least.

    my friend who also has a white first, use her bag alot, and is pretty rough with them. I can honestly say that her bag isnt white anymore and has a tint of grey on it. The bag didnt turn yellow or anything. however, after she used apple gaurd cleaner, the bag looks good as new!!!!

    If you love it, just go for it!!!!!
  13. Definitely NOT dumb.
    I just recently got an Ice blue and was a little worried about the light colour but I just am trying to be a little more careful than with a dark colour and am starting to relax a bit now. I love the whites too and will maybe get one one day. I am very happy that I went for a light colour that I really wanted!
    Go for it!! :choochoo:
  14. i think white looks best as "first"
    it's small so it's jsut not too plain or too white (for me)

    i agree with everyone else, if u really love it then go for it :smile:
  15. i dont think its dumb at all
    i plan on getting a white first
    for my first bbag