is what I hear about Coach outlet leather true?

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  1. I heard the leather isn't the same at the outlet as in the department stores. Is this true?

    I'm on my way to the outlet (not too far away from where I will be tonight) for a spray bottle of cleaner for my hot pink wristlet, and I was wondering.
  2. thats untrue. alot of the bags at the outlet are from the department stores but they didnt sell and were sent to the outlet
  3. Phew! Thank you. If I see something on the clearance rack, I want to pick it up for my sil for Christmas, and I don't want to give her something second rate...but also know I shouldn't spend too much right now.

    Thank you.
  4. I purchased my leather wallet from the Vacaville Coach outlet over 2 years ago, and it still looks nearly brand new. I personally think that myth is total bull. The outlets receive lots of bags that were originally at the boutiques.
  5. Not true! All my outlet leather purchases have been great!
  6. I got a little sweetie on the clearance rack while getting cleaner at the outlet: Heritage Stripe Collection in red. Mine is not from the new collection, of course, so it is solid red down the center and the logo is white.
  7. In another thread...I went and physically checked the boutique Black leather Soho Shoulder Flap with my outlet black leather Soho Hobo and the leather thickness and quality and shine were identical--as if they cut the leather from the same animal!

    I don't see any difference. Now that they're doing cost-cutting measures, the latest Bleecker shoulder flap has a simple strap while the 2007 Bleecker shoulder flap has a braided strap. This new one is $20 less than the 2007 model. So, go the boutique quality is the same as the outlet made bags. Before the cost cutting measures, the outlet bags like the Soho had the simple straps whereas the boutique bags have the braided straps.

    So, I think we've reached full circle. Get it from the outlet or the boutique and it is the same Coach quality.

    Take care,
  8. Nope, outlet leather is as great as from a dept. store! Never had any trouble with my outlet purchases.
  9. I was anxiously waiting for replies on this one because of my recent purchase of a soho leather bag at an outlet...phew!
  10. There are bags that were made specifically for the outlet store though. I am sure that the leather is the same, but the design is slightly different. For example, the Soho. Some were made for the boutique and some that went straight to the outlet. Find a knowledgable salesperson to help you find the differences. I have seen them mixed up before.

    Otherwise, there are boutique bags that either never sold in the retail stores OR were a retail purchase and returned to the outlet.

    Great deals!!!!
    Happy hunting!
  11. And I knew about certain designs being factory/outlet exclusives and I am totally okay with that...many designers do that. It's the idea of the cheaper leather that just made me ill I was very happy for this thread and all the great info :happydance: