Is Weejun also, for a woman ?

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The Weejun, is for:

  1. For only, the masculine

  2. Both, the feminine

  3. I am an Anti, Weejun

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Please, let us decide.

  2. As in the penny loafer? Or is this some strang vaclavian thing...?
  3. The Weejun style, is traditional but the Weejun Scuffle is, my own invention.
  4. Well this is a women's purse forum..there are very few guys here. I'm not sure if there are many masculine women. ;)
  5. The Weejun is indeed for both men and women, though I find only the most die-hard preppy women wear them.

  6. The only women I've seen wearing these have been VERY preppy petite middle-aged women. Or occasionally, very young Catholic school girls.

    I voted, I am, the anti, weejun. Sorry, Vaclav ;)
  7. They are a very European look also. Lots of people (guys and gals) wear them with jeans and a jacket. You can get them in black, brown, burgundy. They are great when you want to look a little bit dressier, still want to wear socks, and don't want a heel.