Is Wearing LV Make a Guy Look Gay?

  1. Before I'm wearing my damier Azur Navglio, everyone thinks the white color looks weak and feminine on me. They always view me as the masculine type. I could understand that so recently I changed my taste and wore the brown Damier Sabana and so far I had 5 random comments saying it looks gay. Even my sister thinks it looks gay on me because she thinks LV is for gays only. Is the LV brand not for guys at all or is the LV image associated with gay people? Sorry, I hope I didn't offend anyone on here.
  2. "LV is for gays only" inappropriate. First of all, the idea is wrong and second of all although I'm not homosexual I find "f**" very insulting because I have tons of gay friends.

    Well, I'm buying my boyfriend a Damier wallet (his first LV other than his only LV tie that he has) and does that make him gay? NO!

    Oh--and if LV is for gay people only, then there sure were tons of gay guys in Hong Kong and fact like every other guy was gay, then!
  3. To add, perhaps people think only gay guys wear LV...but truly it's because a lot of gay guys have really good taste, hence they wear Louis Vuitton and they're not afraid to rock their Louis Vuittons!
  4. Sorry Karman and anyone who might be distrubed by this and I have no intentions. ;) I wear my LV with confidence and some people are having a hard time seeing me in LVs. Are they just jealous or do they have some kind of hatred problem?
  5. No need to sorry, I know you didn't make that statement and you were simply asking a question.

    There are tons of LV haters out there...either that or it's just their own personal opinion...a very judgemental opinion indeed. Oh well, life goes on!
  6. Don't worry about stupid comments like that... I've only gotten a comment like that about twice, and my reply was "Oh then LV is definitely for me! :smartass:"

    When a guy wears LV, it simply means he has great taste. ;)
  7. If you like it, then rawk it out. F* what others think, just be concerned with your own life, and people in general are just plain stoopid.
  8. Nice john, I'll find some creative way to throw words back at them next time. Haha.
  9. They're probably jealous of your bag. Trust me I get A LOT more stares from people when I go out with my new monogram Caryall. I just couldn't give a s*1t about them. I carry whatever I have with pride!
  10. I don't think a guy wearing LV makes him look gay at all. I think you should edit your first post though, I find the 'f word' very offensive and it shouldn't be used here. JMHO.
  11. Wear your LV with pride!!!
  12. Oops, I can't edit the F word out. Is there a mod around?
  13. Rock your LV with pride.. !! MY DBF have couple LVs.. and he is loving it.. he even bring them to work ..!!
  14. Rock your LV and if people don't like it, oh well.
  15. Edited in your and K's post. :tup:

    Next time, just try this: :bagslap: