Is/Was there any purple or blue 2.55 ever?

  1. Besides the patent navy blue which I love, for regular leather I have never seen a purple or blue 2.55. Really hope Chanel will issue such color though:drool:

    Another question: I heard concerns that the metallic shade will easily fade, I just bought a dk silver 225. Should I be worried about the possibility? I know for most metallic bags, the color can not hold long, but I expect this will not be the case on Chanel
  2. OOOOOOOOOO! I'm in love with the grey and so want to kick myself for not getting in last year when it was much easier to locate one. Anyways, I'm waiting it out. I've been dreaming and imagining that they'll come out with a purple or blue and I'll pounce immediately. Are you my evil twin? Hehe
  3. haha, Aurora.,I love the grey too! Will they come out this season?? Even though, it will cost more...sigh...If they do come out,we will be kicking ourselves for the rest of the year!
  4. Nope, we'll have to carry on dreaming. With the price increase, I don't know how much the reissues will cost next year. But I'm really hoping S/S '08 will bring in some purple or blue reissues!
  5. Aurora,let's pray!
  6. Oh girls make me want to join into your blue & purple dream..:sleepy:
  7. The more the merrier Haha!

    So, sounds to me that Chanel never did that color on 2.55...
  8. I would love a blue reissue. Maybe spring??? who knows!
  9. let's hope they hear our wishes!!
  10. I know I was going to regret not taking the Chanel catalog home with me. I got the catalog when bought my bags last month.

    In it, I think there is a blue reissue... ah.... I wish I had brought that catalogs home with me... but my suitcases was getting heavy and after looking at the catalog for a few times, I decided not to bring it home with me.... :push:
  11. I think i saw a purple chanel 2.55 -- classic flap not the re-issue. Gorgeous! Saw it sometime last yr.
  12. Is 2.55 the same as Medium?
    If so, a blue lambskin was posted in the "eBay finds" thread AGES ago...
  13. eiffel21-Did you mean the Chanel boutique catalog?I am so sad that you left the book behind you:crybaby: What season is it for the blue reissue? I am gonna hunt it down:drool:
  14. Thanks jsg, I think Chanel has more color choices on classic flap. Really hope they do the same thing to reissue,
  15. sratsey- Thanks for sharing. Unfortuantely the pic did not show up. But I think you meant the medium classic flap. I believe the bag was TDF. Oh how I love purble and blue!