Is/was there any other size option for LV Artsy?

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  1. I have a LV Artsy bag and I was checking the size on LV website. The only size option is MM but my Artsy is smaller than the dimension of MM. The size of my bag is 42*32*18cm.I am just wandering if this is an Artsy PM? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394330799.217061.jpg
  2. There is only the MM. The GM was discontinued and there was never a PM Artsy. Hth. :smile:
  3. I was a bit worried now. It shouldn't be fake? It was from a very good friend of mine and she never carries fake bags. Thank you for your clarification!
  4. I have found the site dimensions to be off most of the time. If you watch BJ Taylor's reviews of bags on YouTube, she always states two measurements- the one she took, and the ones they list in the website. Ihth!
  5. I only remember lv having the MM and GM
  6. Can anyone who has a leather artsy MM check the actual measurement of your bag and let me know please? Thanks very much!
  7. Maybe you could also use an authentication service to help put you at ease.
  8. Are you near a LV? I would bring it in if so. I maybe totally wrong but I don't ever remember them making that color in the empirente line.
  9. I would get it authenticated.
  10. Post pics of the bag on the authentication thread. They will be able to tell you if the bag is authentic.
  11. I have this exact same Artsy in Neige. When the electricity comes back on I"ll get a measurement. (It's been out since 6:45 AM this morning and not due to come back until 10 AM, Ugh!) :storm:
  12. There is an Artsy GM in AZ on the LV web site, all the others are only MM. I don't think there was ever PM. Does your friend still have the receipt?
  13. I've checked mines and yes I get the same measurements just looking at it from above. As the bags are worn and soften and the way they are sat the values can be a little different but I get the same in terms of your cm sizing. The sizing on site is all to pot. They say it will be 18.1 inches I can't get it anywhere near that unless I pack it full and measure the puffed out sides. Then 12.1 that's about right and 9.4 again I'd have to have the bag stuffed full to get that.

    Still if you feel you need to have it authenticated just to be safe but it's seems right going by mines.
  14. As far as I know, there's never been an Artsy PM. I wish they would make one, because I really want an Artsy, but even the MM is ridiculously huge on me.