Is Vuitton coming out with a new Murakami line soon?

  1. Anybody know? I'd love to see his next creation.
  2. I thought his contract with LV was over. Correct me if I am wrong.
  3. :cry: SAY IT AIN'T SO!! :cry:
  4. I think his contract will be over at the end of 2006. Also there is a beef between Murakami and LV about the Multicolor Line.
  5. Really? What kind of dispute? :wtf:
  6. I think Murakami wants more money as he created the monogram multicolore.
  7. I have heard this too, I heard it was because when the MC line was designed and launced it was suppose to be limited edition, just like all of the other Murakami deisgn. It was only after it so wildly popular they decided to add it as a regular collection. I was told that is why there was such a gap between the initial launch and any new styles.

    I know when I bought my MC speedy I was told it was limited edition.
  8. Same here!!! And then I ended up overpaying for MC Alma on eBay because wait lists in Toronto for white Alma were INSANE. I did get a call 7 months later though!:nuts:
  9. Oh Yes It Was Crazy! :nuts: MY SISTER PAID $2900 IN JUNE 2003 FOR HER SPEEDY 30 WHITE MULTICOLORE! But she was so happy after, than even today she doesn't have any regrets :P
  10. WOW that is crazy! I wonder if I should buy my MC speedy before any contract disputes turn ugly!
  11. holy smokes!
  12. Dang that is insane :wtf:
  13. I heard that the contract was near to being over, but I didn't know there was a dispute. That makes sense though. I hope LV contracts out to another talented visionary to bring us something playful and fun for spring. I couldn't deal with some of the dark and grungy items coming out this fall.
  14. I want smiling something for spring~!
  15. The Cherry Bloosom line is still my favorite, too bad I missed the boat on that one. I really hope they come out with some more items like that in the future ... It's been a while since anything appealed to me in LV, the perforated line just isn't my cup of tea