Is violet city or part-time still available in NYC Balenciaga store?

  1. Anyone knows? I have tried Barny's NY, but it's gone....Besides, which one is better? City or part-time? Couldn't make up my mind yet...
  2. imniz - I think some stores keep getting in an occasional Violet bag. I don't personally have any part-time bags, but I think it is just a matter of how big your bag needs to be. For me, the City is plenty big, I only put a very few things in and it isn't anywhere near full. Good luck finding one! If I hear of one, I will post it here for you!
  3. There's a violet pt at Saks in CT ask for Lenore
  4. I just saw a violet city GH at Nordstrom's Arden Fair. They had quite a large selection overall - RH and GH.