Is "Violet" a brand name (not the color)? Need to find one I saw!

  1. I'm new here and don't know anything about handbags, but I saw a gorgeous handbag on a lady today and I really need to know who makes it.

    It has a silver tag (not a hanging tag) on the outside that said "VIOLET". The handbag was the size of a medium tote, was a patchwork of four colors on each side - one patch of red, one cream, one black (?) and one I can't remember.

    Does anyone know what bag I'm talking about and who makes it. I've searched all over the internet but all I come up with is violet the color.

  2. What material was the bag made from? Suede, leather, fabric, etc etc. That might help someone recognize your description. :tup:
  3. The bag was done in leather. There were 4 patchwork "patches" that took up the whole side of the bag (both sides) that were about 5" X 5" each. The rolled handle drop was about 11".
  4. there is a brand of bags called Violet ( or Violette) Nozieres. She make some of the most beautiful bags. I too, saw someone carrying a bag in LA, it was on a frame, kind of long, lined in velvet of all things and had a gorgeous (think Philip Lim style) gorgeous hand rolled leather rose with a few leaves at the top of the frame. It was a work of art. couldn't and haven't been able to find that bag anywhere. She said she got it at Bergdorf's. Checked the website, not there either. But, I have a feeling the bag you are talking about is by the same great designer....Let me know if you find anything out.
  5. those are very cute.. ^^^