Is Vernis Long Lasting

  1. Hi Guys...I just got a new mono zippy wallet to replace the one I have but I was wondering if I should have chosen the vernis pomme looks gorgeous but do you think it will scratch and get damage with use? Is mono much more durable?
  2. Ive been using my pomme cles for a yr and it still looks great! I dont baby it at all. I have my key attached to it so that goes to show how its used, tossed in my handbag and hits holding up great!
  3. I have the vernis Pomme PTI. I have only had it for two months, but I do not baby it at all and it looks perfect (just like the day that I got it). :smile:
  4. I have a pomme cles and it is about a year old & it looks great still
  5. I had no idea Vernis was so durable, that is excellent news!
  6. I'm glad to hear this as well. I was hesitating using my cles inside my purse.
  7. When I think of "long lasting", I think of 10-20 years from now.. not next year. Depending on your version of long lasting.. the vernis might be ok.. but I would definately go with the mono for many years of hard wearing beauty.
  8. ^ I've actually got a piece that's stood the test of time. I have a beige eldridge and it's still stunning, retaining its gloss and showing little wear. I'm very (pleasantly!) surprised with the durability of the leather.. although I wish it was a little less porous.
  9. the mono will last longer as it is man-made canvas while the vernis is natural hide.

    i use my mono wallet everyday and my vernis french purse for special evenings.
  10. My Vernis keypouch is still looking good as new!! I love vernis for the shimmer & the embossed logos!
  11. I have had my vernis cles is framboise and have used everyday for about 2 years now and it doesn't have a scratch or anything on it. I think it is very durable and will last me awhile.
  12. Thanks for the positive review, Bag Fetish. My "new style" Pomme Vernis Key Cles should be arriving tomorrow or the next day, and I'm sure I will feel nervous about using it for real keys, etc. Good to know that the vernis isn't so delicate. (Then again, they make whole BAGS out of it, so it would have to stand up to some wear & tear, wouldn't it?)
  13. ive had a vernis ludlow for 4 years now...its in AMAZING condition with NO color transfer, the edges are just a bit darker. i use it every day as my main wallet and its the best money ive ever spent
  14. Light colors are what you have to worry about more, they tend to get color transfer and some even change color, like the pearl after years and sun will look grey.
  15. I have the pomme vernis 4-key holder, used daily for a year, and it's still just as gorgeous as the day I bought it. I don't think you can go wrong with pomme, or even Amarante (although I love the Pomme moor).

    I think Vernis holds up very well as long as it's in a darker color. I love mine. I've been using my new mono cles lately because I love having a place to put my YMCA and VIC cards, but I'm considering a pomme cles too because I miss the color so much. It's gorgeous, especially in sunlight.