Is vernis easily faked?

  1. I see a couple of pomme items really cheap on eBay. Do they have fakes of vernis? :confused1:
  2. They do, but the telltale signs are different. usually they will not be glossy enough, or the color will be off. another sign of a fake is the embossing of the monogram pattern is set too deep in the leather. also, details like sloppy stitching or incorrect font for the "Louis Vuitton made in ___" stamp is a dead giveaway. that's what I remember off the top of my head... I've bought a few vernis pieces on eBay :smile:
  3. I need to become familiar with the vernis line , if these are fakes they are pretty damn good.
  4. haven't seen a fake vernis here yet...and there are lots of fakes here.
  5. I've seen a friend's fake vernis a few years ago. The superfakes may look very similar to the authentic LV from afar so you need to check out very closely to see the small details. Sometimes, sizes may be smaller/bigger than the authentic bag, small details like the cowhide straps gain an orangey tinge as they age(color is different from the real patina of authentic LV vachetta) or the colors of the thread is too yellow, stitching is not too smooth. That's the most I can remember.
  6. I've personally noticed that a lot of the fake Vernis items look more like they're from the Mat collection because the shine is very inferior to the real thing. By inferior I mean non-existent!;)
  7. I think they fake all designer stuff one way or another. I thought maybe they did not, like maybe only the monocanvas line, but eventually . . . .
  8. I spotted my first fake vernis on eBay yesterday. :sad: I asked the seller for the datecode, and there wasn't one. As well, the pocket was too big compared to the real Reade. That poor girl's ex-bf is going to get an earful!!!!

    A gf of mine bought a fake vernis on a trip to China a couple of years ago. When it rained, the red edging along the handle ran and ruined her clothes. LOL

    I'm so sad to realize they fake Vernis!!
  9. honestly they are so good now that every LV line is faked:sad:
  10. Yeah Vernis is faked, not very WELL though. If you're curious about any bags from ebay, just post the links in the Authenticate This area and we'll look at them for you. :yes:
  11. I have never seen a fake vernis before?? This makes me really sad now to know this. I loved the line so much b/c I didn't think they faked this line.
  12. Before i found tpf... i thought the only line that was faked was mono. Its just amazing to me how much trouble these people go to in order to fake this stuff as well as how good they are getting at it. Its so scary!
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