is vernis bad for summer??

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  1. after aarti's thread about getting a summer wallet, I'm just curious what happens to vernis in the summer cuz I'm planning to get my pomme zippy end of the month or early april!

    does it sweat?! lol or I dunno....melt with heat? I'm like thinking worse case scenarios....heeelp!
  2. Vernis is just as durable as the rest of the LV items. I think other pfers have a preference not to use their gorgeous Vernis bags and accessories. Another LV addiction excuse to buy more bags.
  3. it's okay then...*phew* thanks pinki! I was getting worried for a sec!

    I can always use my current non LV wallet or get a mono koala..LOL..oh my!
  4. Nope, I always use my vernis bags in the summer and no matter what the weather is like! They're great for a nice pop of color with any outfit. :yes:
  5. I always wonder if the color fades in the sun?? I'm all worried about my Pomme!
  6. It seems like vernis bags would be best in the summer. Thats why I want a few vernis bags this summer.
  7. ^^I've gotten the feeling that Vernis wasn't good in the summer, because of the heat and moisture, melting and sun affecting the pigment, but if there isn't a cause of worry great!
  8. :yes: :yahoo:
  9. I actually prefer to use Vernis in the summer, along with all the other vachetta-trimmed lines, since it eliminates watermarking worry. The patent leather itself is zero concern, IMO.
  10. I have a pomme zippy and I plan to use it in the summer, I love, love, love looking at it so I can't imagine not using it for a whole season.
  11. Good question!
  12. i don't think it would hurt to wear it in the summer
  13. vernis IS a summer bag!
  14. thanks for all the reassurance everyone!!! can't waiiiiit!!
  15. What do you mean does it sweat?