Is Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Faked?

  1. I'm talking specifically ones on eBay, hmmmm!

    I LOVE this Vera Wang Couture one, the seller is you-dream-dress on eBay:

    Anyone here get married in Vera Wang, is it really worth it? :rolleyes:

    FYI, I'm engaged and not planning to get hitched anytime soon lol, I just love to drive my fiance crazy by looking at dresses! :heart:
  2. i got married in one, and i'd have to say for me, yes, it was worth it.

    i dont know if the eBay dress is not ironed properly or what, but the stitching looks off and not tailored, which is not how vera's dresses look....and ask the seller what season did this dress come from, if it's relatively recent, you may be able to go to or to search for the runway pics and confirm.
  3. I was also married in a Vera Wang dress. The fabric was absolutely exquisite. For me that was the one thing that won me over. I purchased mine pre-loved from a private seller on eBay, saved a boatload of money, and was a very happy bride!
  4. I was married in Vera Wang too. I think that her dresses are made from her heart, and they are truly beautiful.
    The fabric is amazing, and they are just beautiful.
    Definitely worth it.:biggrin:
  5. The Ebay seller you listed is legit. :smile:

    On Ebay, just make sure they show a picture of the Vera Wang label if you are worried. But honestly, you can easily tell a knockoff (like the ones made in China) vs the real thing, provided you are looking at pictures of the real gown and not of stock pics. The silk that Vera Wang uses just looks beautiful, whereas the knockoffs typically use a cheap single-layered satin.

    On the side, I used to buy/sell wedding gowns and have purchased a real Vera Wang, and had it reproduced by one of the Chinese Ebayers for $80. You know what? The reproduction wasn't bad! It was obviously made of cheaper material, didn't have the intricate details, and had some minor fit issues, but all in all, it was a fantastic deal at $80. If I was a super budget bride or had a destination wedding, I would totally consider it!