Is Vara wallet clutch discontinued?

  1. I love this wallet on chain/clutch! It's my first woc, I have a classic black one with gold hardware and waiting for my second seasonal one to come in the mail. :woohoo:
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  2. Thanks so much for your help! I think the Ferragamo is probably a best bet, I have seen a couple pop up on consignment sites.
  3. Hi just bought one from nordstromrack. Cant find any serial numbers on it. It is not supposed to have one?? Tia
  4. I own quite a bit of Ferragamo and a few pieces of TB. I will say the Ferragamo has lasted years and years with little wear. My TB pieces I have only had about a year and they still look brand new. I just happen to LOVE Ferragamo.
  5. I believe it is I looked in my boutique also no kuck
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