Is Vara wallet clutch discontinued?

  1. I couldn't find it on their website... is it going to be discontinued soon? I want to get the vara wallet clutch with chain but not anytime soon cos I have a baby. Now seeing it dissapears from the website made me anxious and think that perhaps I should get it sooner? thoughts?
  2. im looking for this woc in any color but it doesn't exist in the website! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1442986834.490058.jpg

  3. thanks! that was easy LOL, cos when I search under their collection I couldnt find it. But it seems like black isnt available, wonder if its a seasonal items?
  4. Not sure. I know there were a lot of black items on sale last time, which is surprising as black rarely goes on sale. Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom appear to have the black version.
  5. they are not discontinued, right? I have two (black patent and navy saffiano), and I dont wanna use anything else! I put my handphone (iphone 6), lipstick (nars velvet pencil) and blotting paper in it!
  6. I saw the black one in Bloomingdale's last week and in the Ferragamo store in Chicago. Unlike the seasonal colors, the black one wasn't on sale, so I don't think they plan to discontinue it... However, I can only find it with gold hardware. Anyone seen the black version with silver hardware?
  7. I just check on eBay. I found one seller has silver hardware . If that helps
  8. I contacted Ferragamo EU on availability of the black with shw version and their reply is 'Following your kind request, we inform you that the clutch will be available for the next S/S collection.'

  9. should have seen this post before getting my ghw woc! aww, personally like shw more than ghw, more causal and matches most of my outfits
  10. Me too, I purchased the gold one. Since I contacted Ferragamo US no reply
  11. I was wondering how the quality of the Ferragamo wallet on chain compares to the Tory Burch patent wallet on chain in saffiano. How does the hardware compare? Does anyone know? I know there is a huge difference in price, but I want to buy the best quality item that will hold up for a long time. I haven't had a chance to see the Ferra wallet in person, but I have touched the Robinson wallet, and the hardware feels kind of "plasticky". Is it real metal? Does Ferragamo use a hard metal on the bag? Is it that same as on the shoes?
    Thank you!
  12. I would love to know as well. I'm debating on WOCs and the Ferragamo one is a strong contender, but TB has a good entry level price point.
  13. Well, I did get to handle both! The TB is larger and can hold more, but does in no way looks as classy as the Ferragamo. The Ferragamo is a lovely leather, chain is outstanding, fabulous construction with folded and stitched seams. The TB wallet has a saffiano that does not look too bad, but the patent black looks the best. The chain is chunky. Some of the TB wallets I saw had sloppy sealant at the edges.
    I would definitely buy the Ferra if the price is not a problem. The only con I can say about it is that there is no coin purse and seven card slots, but doubling up the cards does not present a problem. If you can buy the Ferra, do.
    They will turn up in last seasons colors at the outlets for 30% off, but sell very quickly and sometimes stores only get one or two.
    If you want a good WOC at a nice price point, the TB is okay and does go on sale; 14 card slots is very roomy with zip compartment and back pocket.:smile:
    Hope this helps!!
  14. Also, I wonder at the TB hardware; how it would end up looking with constant use. If the WOC is a temporary purchase, but the TB. A long term investment, buy the Ferra.