Is Valsav only for men?

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  1. For those who have this luggage, it this very masculine?
    Does it suit women?? :confused1: I want to get this for my auntie for her birthday as she travels quite often.... She has got a keepall already... Not sure if i should get her this.. or another keepall (she absolutley adores keepalls).

    Personally I think the Valsav is very structure and chic to carry :yes: but it seems it is a tiny bit too rectangle and bulky for female? Appreciate if any of you can give me some advice... and I need to get the present by this weekend ;)
    Here is the pic:
  2. I think it'd look great on anyone that has the stature for it.. like very tall, so it can be unisex.
  3. Thats what I'm saving for I love the vaslav!!!!
  4. oh my aunt is not very tall... she is only 160 cm (5 feet 4) ... do you think it is too big for her?
  5. I like it, I don't think it looks too can dress it up w/scarf or something to make it look more feminine if you want
  6. I tried on the Valsav a while ago, and it did seem rather bulky to me. It looked better on my DH.

    But my main concern w/ the bag is the fold. I worry the canvas would eventually crack.

    If your aunt loves Keepalls, I cannot recommend the Carryall enough. It's such a chic & feminine bag and would be the perfect size for her.

  7. oh that is a good point.. i never think of it..
  8. LVoe the Vaslav! I think any gender can carry it!
  9. I personally think it is quite manly and bulky, even the handle is thicker than normal LV luggage, so i don't recommend it for person has small hand.
  10. I think anyone can rock it! :tup:
  11. Well, it is a nice bag but a little on the square side. I like the look of the new waterproof keepall that is out now and I believe it comes with a shoulder strap too. I'm not sure if that matters or not for your aunt. I'm sure that she will love whatever you get for her. Let us know what you decide.
  12. absoluely not! i think its very unisex. plus it will only be boxy if you stuff it to capacity. it sags almost like a Speedy actually.