Is vachetta really that much of a pain?

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  1. Hi! I'm torn between a Damier & Mono Speedy 25 at the moment, and while I love love love the Mono, what's tearing me away from it is the vachetta, whereas the Damier has the brown leather so it doesn't matter. I live around Boston, and our winters and the amount of rain we get in the spring is unbelievable. This bag would definitely be an every-day bag for me, but if the vachetta will really look bad because of the rain & snow, I don't want to deal with the hassle.
    Are there any treatments I can do to protect the vachetta? Or is it pointless to try & make the Mono work for me in this weather?

    Thanks! ;)
  2. I actually have the same question. I live in Connecticut, so the weather's about the same!
  3. i live just outside of boston and i have been carrying a tambourin- great for doing hands free errands, going to the park, etc. i 'don't care' about the leather (that sounds awful). White grape juice has been spilled on it, it has been rained on, and the leather looks fine. the grape juice left a mark for about 2 weeks, but it's faded away- leather looks great! this is NOT a handheld bag- that may affect the wear of the leather (oils, lotions, etc). i use damier for the fall/winter months as well. also, you can always get the leather replaced down the road!
  4. I was in the exact same situation as you when deciding...really wanted a Mono but worrying about the vachetta here in Michigan would have driven me insane...I guess it really just depends on how much the waterspots and stains will bother you...if you won't be happy with anything but Mono then go for it, but I chose the Damier (even though I didn't like it that much at first) and I am absolutely in love with it and so happy with my choice. Although someday, I would like something in Mono.
  5. I live in Canada, and right now its snowing, and I feel sad I don't want to get a stain on my Mono Speedy. And I wish I had a Damier Speedy for these days. But I'm soooooo happy with my Mono Speedy. I love my Speedy. But in the future, I want a Damier Speedy.
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  7. i live in Buffalo, and i still carry my Monogram bags. i spray the hell out of them with Shining Monkey though, to protect the leather from water spots and dirt

    i have both Damier and Monogram Speedies, but i prefer the Damier, just because it's not as common and boring as the Monogram
  8. I got my Mono Speedy 30 in the winter season.
    Even though So California doesn't rain much (that year / season it rained for 2 weeks straight!) it was a reallllllll hassle.
    Everytime I went out I had to hide it under a jacket to keep the rain away.
    I have the damier speedy also. & I find that its much much better!!!!
    It's actually the purse I carry when it rains.

    The speedy 30 is classic & always will be.
    But if it rains alot.. there's no point in getting it.
    Maybe you should get the damier one & later get the mono.
  9. I have done nothing to protect the vachetta on my mono 30 speedy. It has been rained on, but as the patina has developed, there are no water marks.
  10. I don't think it's a huge painl. I've lived with vachetta and I don't really stress too much anymore.
  11. that was also my first concern when i bought my first speedy a couple of months ago. which one??????:confused1:

    i really like both, but ended up getting the mono. why? because it such a classic, it really goes well with anything, and IMO it is the best starter LV!!!!!! as for the vachetta, don't worry too much, let's just put it this way, the vachetta/ patina will look better with age........

    why not get the mono first then the damier later.........

    BTW, i bought the damier speedy after about 7 weeks of getting the mono;)
    and i love love love them both
  12. I wouldn't stress out too much about it! Just enjoy it, and if later on down the road the handles get dark or stained, you can always have them replaced. that point you may have moved on to another bag, so you won't be too worried about it!
  13. Thanks! I have a question though, will the Shining Monkey prevent a patina from developing as fast as it normally would? I'm not a fan of the brand-new-LV-leather look :yes:
  14. I don't think it's that big of a deal. I've never treated my bags and my mom's collected LV for about 17 years, used her bags religiously and never treated hers, either. The stores don't even recommend that you treat them.
    Anyway, as an example, last week it unexpectedly turned misty and i was carrying my framboise Houston. The straps looked pretty spotty but by the time I got home, they looked good as new, no spots at all.
  15. oh ok thats good to know guys thanks :smile: ! Long live tpf for things like this !