Is USPS tracking slow these days?

  1. I was told that a package was shipped out two days ago, but the USPS tracking site has not even updated to show that the package has been received yet (seller printed shipping label online).

    Does it usually take this long for the tracking to be updated? And just curious, are there certain forms of Priority Mail that have a tracking number but never get updated, or is that only for First Class Mail?

  2. Yeah, that sounds normal. USPS tracking really sucks. It takes forever to update and when it does update it only updates once a day.

    I've had packages show that they're in another state, but show up at my house that day.
  3. So glad you posted this because i was starting to panic. I have been given a tracking number but thought my seller was trying to scam me! As it said no info for this item. I will have to be a bit more patient and not panic so much when buying off eBay. :biggrin:
  4. Remember too that Monday was an official Holiday (our Labor Day)in the USA.
    The USPS was closed, So don't worry Princess_lydz. :smile: I hope you got your Miu Miu :smile:
  5. It's weird though because USPS has generally been okay with updating tracking, it's just this particular time it has been especially long. It's hard not to panic though, especially with all those horror stories floating around here!!
    Here's to hoping that both our packages get to us safe and sound :yes:
  6. I don't know about USPS, but the last time I had a package shipped by UPS, the system was so slow that the package was delivered before the tracking number even showed up in the system.
  7. Yeah, it depends though, I know when I get things with tracking numbers, they're rarely ever updated at all until they arrive at my PO.
    I had a packaged mailed on Tuesday via Priority, I should be getting it tomorrow and it still says that the USPS has been electronically notified. But, tomorrow morning I'll know when to check my mailbox because it'll say it was delivered to my zip code lol.
  8. Yea, don't be paranoid I haven't been getting confirmation in tracking that they are shipped (and I am the shipper!) until the day they are delivered.
  9. Yea I just had something sent out last week and it took about 2 - 3 days before it showed up in the system.
  10. USPS is delivery confirmation only. Tracking may be just a fluke. Don't expect it.
  11. True, while P.O. may not scan at intermediate stages until about 6 weeks ago I consistently was able to "track" my packages. Now I don't see the result until the package is delivered and in most cases all it shows is when it was received and then when it was delivered.
  12. Sometimes you get a lot out of delivery confirmation too, like the info entered at every point the package stops at and updated twice a day, but that's not the norm. I'm just happy when it actually shows that it "left" the same day I sent it!
  13. Yea, all three of the packages I sent on Wed. are still showing "shipper info received"

    Two of them I paid for IN the P.O. so why are they not at least showing accepted at P.O.?????????????????

    This is why buying the label online and sending worries me. How can you prove it was shipped in case you need to for insurance reasons??
  14. sometimes it doesn't even update until the package is delivered.
  15. If you go into the PO or buy the Postage on USPS, they may scan it more. It is labled a bit different above the bar codes so they know where it was printed. If you print it off USPS they will scan it at the counter if you give it to them.