Is USD550 a reasonable price for a brand new...

  1. Cerises agenda? This includes international shipping to Australia. Hope to hear from you girls real soon! Thanks! :love:
  2. Please help me out ladies! -Waves frantically!- I'm negotiating a deal for it right now and need to know if I should pass. Is the price reasonable or should I hang around ebay for another one? What do you girls reckon? :choochoo: :confused1:
  3. Yes, it is a good price. I've seen brand new ones on Ebay for $600 and up also. I've seen a couple of used ones for maybe between 400-500, but 550 for a brand new one is reasonable at this point, it is a limited, discontinued item!! Good luck!!
  4. Excellent! Thanks love! =)
  5. Wow, that's really good....
  6. Yay! All done! Whooohoo... Thanks for answering to my thread ladies! =)
  7. Congrats!!!!! so happy for you..don't forget to share pics when you receive it..
  8. Definitely! Thanks sweetie! Oh I'm so excited! It should be arriving in a week or so... =)
  9. Congrats! Don't forget to post pics when you can!
  10. Congrats
  11. i'll be waiting for the pics too! congrats!