Is ULTA like Sephora?

  1. I love my Sephora but we had an ULTA store open close to my house. I haven't been there to check it out yet, thinking of going this week. Just curious, is it like Sephora? I was thinking I read somewhere that it doesn't have the selection Sephora does? Just curious.. THX!
  2. I would say somewhat but not all the great stuff sephora has. I've never been there they do have their own website.
  3. I definently prefer Sophora over Ulta due to the fact that Sephora has a way better selection but Ulta is nice too. :smile:
  4. I agree with the others. Another difference is that Sephora has SAs to help you, but at Ulta you're basically on your own. Sephora is a little more upscale, too. Ulta has more of a drugstore feel, IMO.
  5. Thanks girls, I really had nothing in mind to buy. Always like checking out the new stores though;) I think I'll check out the website first.
  6. I can say that I get Ulta coupons all the time. In magazines, email, mail. I never bought a thing from them, but I would try to hook up on a mailing list if you are going to have one in town, so you can grab these(usually 5 or 10 dollars, I think) when they are available.
  7. I love my ulta coupons too! I like Ulta, they do not have the same selection, but they have the line of cosmetics I use (id bare minerals).

  8. I will! Thanks for the tip!
  9. I've never heard of this shop.
  10. This is how I would describe Ulta--not many better brands. The coupons have exclusions that made them useless for me (they couldn't be used on many brands). It's better than a grocery store or drugstore selection, tho.
  11. They are definitely not as good as Sephora...not a lot of upscale brands. They carry all the basic stuff that a drug store does, salon hair products, their Ulta brand makeup, and some higher end stuff. It's more of a general beauty store as opposed to Sephora which is more about designer makeup.
  12. Ulta carries- Drug store & a few high end brands like Smashbox, Sue Devitt, Bare Escentuals, Hard Candy, Bonjois, MD Forumulations, Murad, Vincent Logan, IMAN,Elizabeth Arden....and a few more. THey also carry a wide range of frangrance.

    Also, they sell alot of hair appiliances too.

    ANd they are also a Salon that offer hair services & facials.

    They also occasionally offer in-store coupons too.

    And uh, thats true that they never offer to really help. The SA's there are a little stuck up IMO.
  13. I agree w/this. Plus Ulta has more hair products than Sephora while Sephora has more cosmetics. I use Ulta cosmetics and obviously someone else wanted them bcuzz my makeup bag was stolen @ my job:push: .....
  14. Ok here it goes I work for ULTA and let me tell you what the exclusions are on those coupons. They are usually 20% off coupons or $3.50 off coupons. THE EXCLUSIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS:

    It excludes all PRESTIGE cosmetics ( that includes all Vincent Longo, Amazing eyes, BARE MINERALS(i.d. or whatever other name you would like to call it), Bourjois, Color Me Beautiful, Anastasia, Smashbox, etc etc etc. THAT INCLUDES ALL of the PRESTIGE SKINCARE.

    ** NOTE THEY USUALLY HAVE ALL PRESTIGE PRODUCTS ON ONE SIDE OF THE STORE : Just ask them what side prestige is on and you will know what is not included in your coupons.

    Also some candles are excluded in this all of them except Yankee Candles as well as ALL FRAGRANCES!

    I know it sounds like okay I can't buy anything there then that is worth it. But believe me their products are pretty good. If you have any questions on the products at ULTA let me know I will try to help you. :wlae: