Is two locks neccesary?!?!

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  1. Is it me or does this bag look absolutely foolish with two padlocks:confused1: The shape of the bag is cute and if it had only one lock I would actually contemplate buying it.
    It's as if they could not make up their mind when designing the bag so they just opted to throw both locks on:lol:!

  2. I'm in agreement with you over this. The 2 locks of different sizes looks both accessive an untidy to me. Rather like a stage magician's trick!
  3. I agree. Too much.
  4. Don´t like the 2 locks :throwup:
    Only one, please.
  5. I dont like the 2 locks either:weird: I think it would look cute with just one lock... and maybe they should've left the chain away too in my opinion
  6. I'm OK with a chain but think that they could have chosen a more attractive one. That chain is kind of over chunky for my taste.
  7. You took the words right out of my mouth. Thats exactly what I thought when I saw them this morning!
  8. I do not like the two locks either. However, it will be an interesting bag if the chain can be removed...two bags with the price of one! A regular paddy and a capsule one....hehehe:graucho:...
  9. Weird - even my larger Capsule Paddy doesn't have the bigger lock. I am a major fan of the chain. I love chunky hardware. Must be the punk in me but this is waaaay over the top. It's like wearing too much jewelry. Need to edit!
  10. ^^^ I like the chain too. But for the life of me I can't imagine what they were thinking when they slapped two locks on this bag. In my opinion, this shows how desperate they are to come up with ideas.
  11. I saw this bag and thought it was a mistake.:roflmfao:. Thought someone was messing around with photoshop. Don't like the two locks at all. Whoever came up with that design --> :bagslap:
  12. interesting....but not feeling it. It's just weird. I mean one lock is cool...2 makes me feel paranoid that someone would break into my purse. I would be good with the chain if it were silver. Not a big fan of the gold
  13. I just had to go sneak a peek at mine in hiding and I see that the color of the metal is sort of a combination of gold and silver - a muted gold. Not at all like the brassy yellow gold in this weird picture.
  14. This is really wierd, the bag I just bought is THIS bag, but it definitely does not have the large lock on it....could this be a photoshop thing or a fake??? Very strange...:wtf:
  15. Maybe it is a factory "second". One of the workers put the big padlock on in the assembly line not realizing it wasn't THIS kind of Paddy - LOL! And then it was too late and they had to go ahead and add the chain lock too. And then "Hey - they like padlocks don't they?"