is tv a waste of time

  1. i disagree but my boyfreind hates it when i watch tv - how aggravating
  2. For A Long Period Of Time ~ I Thought So! ......I Was Always So Busy With School ....& Than Work (Still Am Somewhat!). Now, That We Are Parents We Spend A Lot More Time Watching TV!!! :smile:
  3. it's entertainment and also a way for me to catch up w/ current events. . . I have 3 young children at home, I can't exactly sit and read a newspaper! LOL!

    Not a waste of time to me.
  4. My quasi-S.O. doesn't even OWN a TV. He hasn't had a TV since highschool. He definitely thinks its a waste of time. Me, though, I have the luxury of wasting a little time!
  5. i suppose its a debate that will go on and on and on
    what about tv for kids - is it good or bad?
  6. ^depends on what, how much and how old they are IMO.
    Maybe a whole differnet topic really.
  7. Most of what is on TV any more is a waste of my time. Quality has definitely left Hollywood for parts unknown. I can't even bear to watch the comedies that are on these days because of the obnoxious laugh tracks!! :yucky:

    I refuse to watch the news or any news shows because of the old "If it bleeds, it leads" mentality. It's no wonder everyone is so scared, depressed and angry when all you see on the news is geared towards provoking those reactions.

    What news I do expose myself to is the headlines on Yahoo and NPR's 5 minute top of the hour broadcast. I limit my TV to Animal Planet, The National Geographic Network, old movies and my current guilty pleasure Project Runway. I tried watching The Closer recently, but Brenda's accent got on my last nerve Monday night, so it's off the list too.

    I wish Nickelodeon and/or TV Land would bring back the old shows like I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke and The Honeymooners. Now THOSE were funny shows!!!
  8. I used to hate T.V. I did not watch it. I was always out doing something with friends or being creative in some way, or reading. Then about a year ago...I'm not sure if it was from sitting by myself all the time while I couldn't legally work here, on top of that having no friends and nobody to go out with, not knowing my way around, being broke, etc. I began watching it. Now I watch T.V. every night almost.
  9. Uh oh! I think it's time to break up with someone! TV is waaaay more important than what he has to say.

    I'm just joking. Don't worry about what he has to say. If you want to watch TV, watch it.
  10. i don't watch tv anymore, the shows in my country are crap. i only watched dvd :P
  11. I'm totally over people who say TV is vacuous and bad. I like a lot of TV shows, but I'm still a functioning, intelligent person. And I've had great discussions about TV shows with other functioning, intelligent people.
  12. I don't think it is as long as you're not sitting in front of the television for hours on end. Then again, I'm rarely just watching television. I'll houseclean, make dinner or I'll read a book or a magazine & have the TV on in the background.
  13. nah i'd have a fit if I couldn't watch my sports
  14. im glad that the majority agree its not a waste
    if i think back at the joy it brings - it opens up the world in the comfort of your living room.
    Thanks for sharing some thoughts
  15. tv is not a waste of time for me...i get to catch up with what's going on outside of my small i just love to sit down with a 1/2 cup of ice cream and watch What Not to Wear or the Food Network.