Is Trunk Show fun?

  1. I so want to cry~:s , SA just invite me to Saks's Chanel Trunk Show(on the 29th), i've never been invited, but I had training from new job i can't risk to take off......I want to see Baby Animals! Can anyone explain Trunk Show to me? I am soo mad, b/c of my training period(12 weeks:yucky: ), i had to miss Chanel Trunk Show, and LV event (on 24th), which i've never been invited to, and many great concerts i'd die to go...Rats!:hysteric:

    Thanks for letting me rent, but the bright side is i will definitely safe some $......until TPF post some model pix:devil:
  2. At the trunk shows that I've been to, it's just Chanel representatives at the store showing the new pieces and taking names down for reservations. Usually the new pieces are out on display so that you can touch and feel them and try them on.
  3. thanks Jen~ now that i don't feel so bad about missing it....
  4. Does anyone know if they are going to have a trunk show in Chicago?

  5. Trunk shows are helpful, but not essential.

    They may have been important before, but now that I have this sight, I can get the same information and pictures... without actually going to a see the bags in person. I find that being at a trunk show with lots of people causes impulsiveness and sometimes even a frenzy to actually place an order.
  6. The trunk show in Chicago at the boutique is on Jan 27!!!
  7. Jayne,

    I agree with you 100%. As long as I can see pictures ahead of time (before the collection comes out), I can see what I'll like. I usually don't go to the trunk shows...too many people, it can get crazy!!!!
  8. I'm going tomorrow. It just seems like fun.