Is Trolling Illegal ?

  1. Hi everyone, I have some members (Trolls) on a forum I moderate and they ask if Trolling is Illegal ??. Can anyone give me some would be much appreciated so I can forward it to them.
  2. Not illegal, but definitely annoying.
  3. Actually, there is that law about being a nuisance on the internet.
    And in case of extreme trolls, a site can always put somebody's name in the TOS stating that they aren't welcome on the site, blah blah. I've seen it done, heh. Of course the cost of persuing any legal action against the guy wouldn't have been worth it once we sniffed out his new account, but yeah.

    edit: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail | Perspectives | CNET
    Trolling is annoying so it fits the bill in my mind, at least :biggrin:
  4. thanks everyone you really helped :smile:
  5. Thankyou so much, you saved my life :love: :flowers: God bless you ! (I hope your christian :greengrin:smile:
  6. No problem :smile: I'm going to guess that it would be pretty hard to actually follow up with something like that, but idle threats are always worth a try :P
  7. lol well they are making the forum a mess so I deleted the post and said that if they carried on in the future and it got really bad then maybe Admin could take legal action. Now they are saying that this is a lie and you can do as you please on the internet and no legal action can be taken. :smile: how annoying lol
  8. How lovely. I could never understand why on earth, of all the things in the world, somebody would choose trolling as a pasttime. I've got oddles of stories from my old forum. There was this one wack job that honestly had to be mentally ill... he had to have made 30 accounts at least, quasi-stalked people (requesting boob pics!!) and threatened to kill and sue and oh the list goes on.
  9. What exactly is a troll?
  10. Urban Dictionary: troll

    I can see how it's annoying, but when you can do things like IP banning(which will stop most people) I don't see why legal action is necessary. At least that's been my experience. Usually they just get bored on their own anyway.
  11. The best rule of thumb:


    They WILL go away when they are ignored. They're just looking for a reaction. When they don't get it, they leave.
  12. The crazy ones go to great lengths to find proxies or even change ISPs. Guh.
  13. The subject in general is very touchy due to freedom of speech and such. But Just today its been settled. Trolling IS in fact illegal. It has been moved to Verbal abuse/Harassment and Bullying Claus.

    Some teens in Oregon are currently on Trial for excessively Trolling people on forums. ( Not the same person, but multiple people )

    Due to the extreme rise in online activity the government is starting to regulate and restrict some online usage and are now enforcing 'civil' matters online. Though no " standard " internet trolling rules exist. Excessive harassing messages and persistent trolling is punishable by law. Though i think the punishments will be very vague due to no real in place standards of what trolling really is.

    So if you want to help the Admin. Inform him of this and instruct him to retrieve the IP's of the users. Screen shots of the harassing messages and inform the police.

    Given most of the trolls use stupid insults that are racial or sexual, ( which i dont feel i really need to clarify ) is considered Sexual Harassment. As we know today is a serious crime and is enforced daily.

    My personal feelings on this topic:

    AMAZING. PLEASE through these idiots in jail. General Logic is that if they have the time to troll. They are harming the society, which we through people in jail for regularly. This whole thing needs to get worked out soon. I am getting very tired of Playing a game and dealing with the trolls. Most games i play i just instantly mute all players. Even in forums there are always one or two idiots that i am surprised that can even read, trolling my members.

    As a multiple forum owner. I have implemented into my T.O.S about trolling and have stated the fullest extent of the law will be taken against those whole troll. I suggest everyone implement something of that sort into theirs.
  14. Holy old thread...
  15. Lolz Yeah, I just found this topic amusing when it came up on google. sorry for bringing it all back up though. Im just still happy its finally happening.