Is Trevi made in us or france?

  1. I like to ask questions, first trevi or Palermo? the price is a huge jump, anyone know why?

    I am a first timer trying to purchase lv, I find all the store out of trevi, is it better to get
    on waitlist, or get a palermo instead ?:confused1: Does Trevi has a code or not, where is it made ?
  2. I know the Trevi I had was made in France. I think I read somewhere on here that they were all being made in France. As far as the Palermo's such a different bag from the Trevi....Ones Mono the other Damier, style is different, interior is different etc. Which do you prefer? Thats the one you should get:yes:
  3. Most Trevi's I've seen are made in France. However, just because it's made in USA doesn't mean that it doesn't have the same great quality/craftsmanship as one that's made in France.

    The date code for the Trevi is located here: