Is tpf your dirty little secret?

  1. So, I've been here for almost 3 months now and I swear I'm never leaving....I'm here to stay Vlad and Megs!! LOL....
    But, I've yet to share my new addiction with anyone (my DH sees me on tpf but doesn't realize the degree of my addiction)....
    And I don't want to share with's like my dirty little secret that only I know!!
    Who knows about your obsession with tpf?
    Do you share tpf with your friends IRL or just your friends here at the forum?
  2. My BF knows, but he's used to it as I'm a member of other boards too :smile:
    Sometimes I'll share some threads/posts with him that I think he's interested in. (and NO they usually aren't the ones about the purses;) )
  3. It used to be...but then I was discovered so now everyone knows how much I love tPF (and the other boards I belong to) AND my adoration for bags and accessories!!!!
  4. My DH knows too well and wants to yank our internet. He told a friend of mine who logs on to see what I've bought. I just told two friends at work who think I am nuts anyway and today I told my SA at LV who thinks I am SUPER NUTS and feels sorry for my DH.
  5. I actually bought a lap-top because of tPF so my DH knows about the forum. He just wonders how I survived without tPF all my life. My addiction is plainly open and I tell my friends about it. My 9 year old DS(who actually helped me join the forum since I'm so bad with computer) checks how many posts I have regularly. He is mighty proud of his old mom posting so much with 2 fingers. HAHA!!:yahoo:
  6. my bf knows about it and so does my bff. my bf knows the extent of my addiction while my bff thinks it's a site i just visit every now and then. :shame:
  7. My mom and a few friends know about tPF, but they never visited.
  8. My family members know for sure...however, I just do not want my friends to know yet..A. they will see how much I shop B. they will see how much time I spend on here and this is my private "getaway"
  9. yup :smile:
  10. No secret here...addicted and proud!
  11. My kids know & say to me "Mum what did you do before TPF?" I say "I slept more & watched more junk on TV":roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. Lol. Both unnecessary.
  13. LOL, I post on about 10 diff forums, but have been spending more time on tPf lately. Nobody knows anythings up, because they see me on the computer just as much as usual.
  14. Yup! :p
  15. Exactly!!!:yahoo: