Is TPF a bad influence???

Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
I was just reading another post and it got me thinking - since I joined TPF and spend a bit of time reading the posts, I find myself now addicted to buying LV.......:woohoo: and suspect I've acquired more LV than I would have if I'd never seen TPF website........for example I was reading a post about how fantastic a poster found their Neverfull and I was so impressed, went and brought one! Whereas I think a Neverfull may have never crossed my mind, if I hadn't read that post. Any thoughts guys? Am I unique???
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Aug 18, 2008
You are not alone! I think TPF is very good to get, like Flossie said, reviews and other people's opinions about LV bags. And yes, my LV addiction has gotten worse since I joined TPF only a few days ago :shame:


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May 9, 2008
TPF may be a bad influence but it always comes down to a person's desire and decision to buy a particular piece, so the forum can't take all the blame. Self control (or lack thereof) plays a big part!


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Feb 27, 2007
Bad influence? no! I would say it is a good one in stead.. but I do think we (at least I do) spend more time thinking and talking purses than I would have ever done without TPF.

But I just think it is really nice to be around so many people that like the same... 'out there' you can feel quite alone :shame:
Dec 13, 2006
No it makes perfect sense that if you stare at things that you admire you'll start to desire them for yourself. If you never saw them it wouldn't have occurred to you most likely. TPF has that influence and I guess if you want to curb purchases then I would limit time spent. I've seen some people's collections have total transformations and I hate to say it but I worry about them and the influence tpf has on them. I can't help but feel that some people who get a little out of control with the buying are trying to fill a void.

It's like anything, you start running with a certain crowd and adopt their behaviors, the sayings they say and develop similar tastes. But here you run the risk of depleting funds, even if you have the money accessible, and even it that's not an issue, if a person would have invested that money instead of dropping tens of thousands on bags they would have even more money. I know people say it all the time that LV is a good investment, and it's true it has resale power, sometimes double what you pay if it's mint and new that is. There is nothing as valuable an investment as money itself. Money makes money, bags don't make money, lol.

I think the healthy thing to do is to just make a list and keep a timeline of when you want to make purchases this way your spending pattern isn't altered from the way it was prior to tpf. For me since I would be adding a bag regardless of being at tpf, tpf is helpful to me bec. I'm exposed to things and contemplate bags that I wouldn't have given a second thought, but I still wait the time period that I would have ordinarily waited. I don't see a bag and run out immediately to add it (I have waited a year for a bag) and I try not to obsess over it and enjoy what I have in the mean time. I find I get the most ideas for bags in the celebrity section, bec. they are modeled there.
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Apr 28, 2008
Yes. Helpful. But now I want to buy everything. But then again, always have that problem. LOL

Enjoy your Neverfull. Just bought another one too.


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Jan 24, 2008
Well...there sure are a lot of temptations when you see so many wonderful eye candy! LOL! But at the end of the day, we make our own choices right? Honestly though...I couldn't imagine my week without some tpf! Where else can I find people with equally obsessed about LV as me??


Jul 2, 2008
Bikini Bottom
It's a bad influence to those who can immediately buy an LV, but in my case, nah... forget it.. :noworry:

I think it's more frustrating in my part because I loooooove something but I caaaaan't have it.. sigh.. But i'll have an LV soon.. :yes: