Is authentic?

  1. Doesn't look like it, but just making sure:

    Welcome to Topmodeapurses
  2. i've seen this site too ... i don't think i trust it
    the prices are waaaay too cheap for one
  3. Yeahhh, that's what i thought.
  4. The Hermes bags seem WAY too low!!!!
  5. They say it is consignment, gently used etc.. they don't guarantee authenticity - I would pass

  6. No way. EVERYTHING they are selling is fake.
  7. Fake, Fake and Fake. Oh, did I mention fake? :yucky:
  8. Has anyone heard of this website? I'm trying to see if they're the real deal or not.

    Welcome to Topmodeapurses

    I have my eye on a chocolate large YSL Muse they're selling, but I don't want to be duped.
  9. Hi
    I have just come across Welcome to Topmodeapurses - anyone know if this is genuine or not.... if it is - bags are V. cheap.

    x:confused1: x
  10. I'm thinking no... but it'd be nice if they were :biggrin:
  11. Fake! Look At Those Ysls!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Any site that is selling a brand new purse that retails for $1295 for $625 is selling a fake.
  13. Thanks girls - I knew i was getting carried away.
  14. Never use a site that does not use a secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) when entering information. I would not trust that site.