Is toner REALLY necessary?

  1. Hi there,

    I have uber-sensitive skin and was wondering if people generally think that toner is an important part of a good skin care regimen. I've never used it with any regularity and have always felt that it's kind of a marketing ploy to get you to buy more stuff. My dermatologist has never advised me to use it...she says a gentle cleanser and oil-free moisturizer are all I need.

    What do YOU think? :P Has it helped you? Hurt you?
  2. My skin tends to be very oily during the summer season. For me, the toner I use works wonders for me when my skin is like an oil slick.

    If your dr says you don't need one, then you don't need one. I think it depends on the type of skin you have.

  3. if you have naturally gorgeous skin you don't need more than water... I have oily skin which is acneprone, so no toner would be horrible
  4. I don't know if it's necessary, but after cleansing, the toner makes me think I'm wiping any residue from my face. Maybe I'm buying into the hype, but it feels good to me. If your dr. says your skin (or does she say everyone?) doesn't need it, then save your money.
  5. yes it removes impurities and closes one kiehls...
  6. It depends on skin type. I've heard they can actually irritate skin even more and make it even oilier so it's a vicious cycle. :Push:
  7. I had never tried toner until recently because I had read that unless you are a photocopier, toner isn't necessary.

    I got talked into trying the gentle version of toner by Estee Lauder, and interestingly, I have not had any breakouts since. (I have combination normal/dry skin, and I used to get blemishes from time to time.) I plan to keep using it!
  8. I've been told that toner is used to balance your skin's pH. When you wash your face, it somehow makes your skin more acidic, so you use toner to neutralize it again, & that way, your skin will also absorb your moisturizer better...

  9. I've read from differenct sources that plain old rose water makes a nice toner for dry skin. Has anyone tried it?
  10. I always use my toner and I have noticed a difference since I have started. The red spots on my face have gotten much much lighter, so that it's at the point where you can only really see them if you're under a UV light (but then you can see everything!) and my pores have also become (or appear to be??) smaller.
  11. I have read in many beauty magazine including Allure that toner is just another product they want to sell you. It does balance your skins PH but they wrote your skin would do that naturally with a normal routine without toner.
  12. I just love it. It feels so refreshing and my face just feels cleaner. Its also a habit!!! I have used a toner (of which ever line I was using at the time) for 20 years!!!
  13. i use skin success and i love it. i feel soo clean and i can see the dirt o the cotton well.. its part of cleansing
  14. i have oily skin and i think it's very useful if you use it wiht a cotton pad because it takes off the dirt and dead skin cells... without the pad though, i think it's worthless.
  15. i use toner on my T zone:yes: once a week.