Is Tomato City being discontinued for 2008?

  1. Hi all, sry I am not familiar with the seasonal color changes for Bal bags.... does anyone know if the Tomato City will be d/c or is this bag fairly hard to find?

  2. hi snowbrdgrl,

    there are new colors every season...tomato was the color for f/w of 2007. there is a new red for s/s 2008. it's red but slight differnt from tomato.
    well...tomato is bit hard to find also. there are some returns at Barneys NY. you can call them to find out.
    good luck!!
  3. other than black/white (and even then there are variations), bal never redoes a color. that being said, an LE magenta was released which was supposed to be the same as the 05 color.

    tomato should still be in stores since it was from last season, try balny/aloharag/Barneys/neiman!

    good luck!
  4. Thank you all for your replies!!! Anyone, let me know if you see one in the stores! I am from Canada and looking for a store that would be able to do a charge-send to a US address (my friend)....

    By the way, do we know what red is coming out for S/S08?
  5. S/S08 is Vermillon, a coral red but someone mentioned it is more a True Red. The picture on Bal Site do seem to show like it is a true red. It should be out end Feb onwards IIRC so I guess we would know it soon.
  6. My Nordies Arden Fair SA said per their Bal rep vermillion will be a true red.
  7. Is the new color spelled Vermillon or Vermillion - I thought this color came out in 2007 (sorry I am so confused!)? THerefore if so, would this be exactly the same color or different? The red city on their website looks gorgeous. I am holding my breath for a "true red" - a color with no orange in it.... I hope this is it:tup:
  8. unfortunately, bal doesn't repeat colors but has no qualms about repeating color names.. we've already had 3 magentas, 2 bubblegum pinks, soon to be 2 vermilion, lol:roflmfao:
  9. I had the same question a while back:

    There are apparently 2 vermillons. One was in '07 and there's another expected in '08. To see comparisons of the reds, check out Andy_Sach's great thread:
    The vermillon pictured is from 07.
  10. Not sure where in Canada you are, but Holt's carries Bal bags (Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver).
  11. Wasn't Tomato's description "a true red"? Vermilion looks different from Tomato, they both can't be true reds?
  12. Thanks everyone for all the great info, you guys really are experts!:okay:

    I assume this season's Vermillion will be a truer red (I hope!) than last year's Vermillion, which looks slightly orangey to me... if it is truly the shade as pictured on their website that would be fantastic!

    I'll wait to see if Holts in Canada gets this color, but I prefer to buy the purse from the states (cheaper, less tax!).....
  13. I think RDC has a tomato city with SGH for sale....
  14. Bridget S. posted a couple of months ago that there were Tomato Cities at the Saks Boca Raton, FL location. I'm not sure if they would still be there, but it might be worth a shot - I would think that Saks would probably ship to Canada?