is today national "carry a fake chanel day"?? :]

  1. OMG!! i just stopped by my work to pick upp my paycheck and saw 5 (-that's right... FIVE in 30 mins) of THE absolute WORST chanel fakes ever...!

    there were of course... the typical fakes -NON leather cambons w/ crooked CC's and my favorite... an ALL PATENT white on black cambon tote (which didnt even look patent, more like a big shiny diamond stiched garbage bag with a CC bumper sticker)

    ooo... there was also a very notable fake cambon tote which was a fake python PRINT on some cheap quilted plastic with black CC's in the CENTER of the bag, haha

    so is today "carry your fake chanel to beverly hills day" or am i going insane?! ...reguardless, it was very annoying :censor:

    i DO not in any way advocate fakes, but these ppl just need to stick w/ their fake LV's!! at least it wouldnt be as embarrassing!!
  2. LOL! I was guessing they were Cambon before I opened the thread! Seems like that's about all the counterfeiters are copying of Chanel these days.
  3. I am having a hard time conjuring up the image of fake Chanel bags in Beverly Hills. I associate BH with luxury and all that is rich. This is my dream place to visit someday...
  4. ^where do you live Roey?

    I can picture fakes there, being that Paris Hilton among other celebs are photographed carrying them! LOL!
  5. not really, roey!!

    bev hills and especially robertson blvd where i work, have become a HUGE tourist trap -i guess since it's a hot-bed for celebrities... people all want a peice of that "chic and trendy" lifestyle, which includes shopping @ the boutiques... and chanel bags (EVEN if they're fake-ity fake fakes!!) :]

    p.s. when you DO come... you should come visit mee @ work!! i'd :heart:33 to meet you, since you're such a doll :]
  6. I live in MA, about an hour west of Boston.
  7. janny 328,
    Fake bags are terrible. Not only do they look really bad, they are bad. Many times these bags are made by young children working in unbelievable conditions, this fuels child labor, simply horrible. Purchasing these bags line the pockets of very dishonest people. Where is the shame ? Bags such as Hermes, Chanel, LV, have a long and rich history. These bags are quality and that is why we are so willing to pay top dollar, top Euro, top whatever!. We will be able to pass these down to our children. Those idiots who purchase these fakes are the very first to make nasty comments concerning our bags. I would never pay that much for a bag when I am able to get a bag that look exactly the same for a few bucks. This makes me so angry, idiots. I can image your utter horror at this display of stupidity.
  8. Aw, thanks Janny! My sister often talks about taking me on a trip to Beverly Hills but we never get around to doing it. I think I'll insist on it in the very near future!!
  9. speaking of that swanky, i recently saw nicky with the most HIDEOUS louis knock off, lol
  10. i agree whole-heartedly ktown!!

    -the WORST was on a recent trip to asia (where a LOT of fakes come from) i was with my family in china and as we were in the shopping district, i was horrified not only to see TONS of fake bags, but also to see many YOUNG children standing on the street corners and in alleys trying to sell them (probably at the whim of some horrible people) -if these were the conditions that THOSE children were in that were selling the bags, i cant imagine how the children who are FORCED to produce these bags are treated

    i dispise fakes and i do NOT support them in any way... i guess people dont understand that or arent aware of it -and worst of all, might not even care!! -it makes me soooo sad
  11. Same thing in the Bahamas recently. In downtown Nassau there's a place called the Straw Market, and little local children were selling TONS of knockoff LV, Coach and Chanel. :rant:
  12. Yuck! I can't imagine so many fakes being in Beverly Hills! Everywhere we went, everyone had marvelous bags! In one trip to The Ivy, I saw a Luxe tote, large Fendi B bag in straw and lace, an Hermes, a Paddington and a Spy. I was in heaven. Although, it's hard for me to spot fakes, aside from Balenciagas and Fendi Spys. I'm good at those. But I'm slowly learning! :yes:

    janny328 - Oh, how I envy you, though for living there! Me and my BF visited West Hollywood at the beginning of August. We were on Robertson Blvd shopping, too. I wonder if I saw you in any of the stores! I will say though, that the girls at Madison were rude and NASTY to me. :rant: One girl, after ringing up my purchase, threw the bag on the counter and said "Here you go. Thanks" and then walked away. Aside from that, I love the place with all my heart and I was literally bawling my eyes out when we left. :crybaby:One of these of these days...

    roey - I, too, am an east coast gal dreaming of L.A. :love:
  13. I hate fakes too.
    Not only do they encourage child labour and sweat shops but the profits are also funnelled into other criminal activites.
  14. Edna -sorry those girls @ madison were nasty to you, they have quite the reputation for that... i work next door @ kitson, so im positive you stopped by :]

    besides probably being crowded, i'm sure no one was nasty to you there (and if they were... tell me who and i'll rip them a new one, lol)

    but yes, its heaven to be around soooo many nice bags and shoes and get to see them all firsthand -i especially like seeing the special editions from european and japanese tourists... but its NOT good for the shopping habit tho, i ALWAYS want new bags (it's like being taunted when you see something in bulk that you cant get your hands on!!)

    but i know just what you and roey are talking about!! i lived in new york for 8 years, and even though it was new york, it's just not the same as l.a.
  15. ^ If you worked that day, I'm pretty sure you saw me! I have bright magenta hair, so you could spot me a mile away. :shame: We came in on a Friday afternoon. I was with my boyfriend and was carrying my Luxe bowler. A tall pretty girl with long black hair helped me. I think her name was Jasmin? And a girl named Dalia rung up my purchase. No one there was rude to me. In fact, everyone was extra sweet. :yes: I was eyeing the black sweater with black crystal (?) skulls all over it. But it was $600 and my boyfriend looked like he was going to have a heart attack. :lol:

    But I'm pretty sure over there, the ratio of real bags to fake bags is higher than here in Philadelphia! I once saw 5 fake Balenciagas, 2 fake Chloe Paddys, and 1 fake Chloe Silverado just walking down one block. :throwup: I see at least 2 fake Balenciagas or Chloe Paddingtons a day.