is Tobago here to stay???

  1. ... or is this just wishful thinking? i was checking out the French LV site and noticed they have declassified Tobago as a runway collection. i'd love it if they decide to keep it and maybe introduce more colours and models in the line. i've been hoping for a men's Suhali counterpart since those goats came out. :yahoo:
  2. I think so, if it was just runway they wouldn't have introduced black, But im not 100% sure!?!? But I DO hope so!
  3. I was told they were limited pieces...but I'll check again with my SA tomorrow! I need to return my koala wallet and hopefully get the Monte Carlo Initials Loafer!!!
  4. I'd like to know too. :smile:
  5. I originally thought it was seasonal, but with the introduction of black, a decidedly un-summery color, it appears that it'll be around for a while longer.
  6. It is also under the fall 06 Collection on eluxury or the LV site (or both but im pretty sure its one or the other) som im sure it will be here for a bit, it must be doing very well.
  7. Hope they stay until after my purse ban so I can get the yellow tobago carryall (If i like it after I see it irl)! :graucho:
  8. I know, I think I may want to buy the blue tobago carryall or keepall.