is tivoli out yet????

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  1. Can someone pleaseeeee check out on tivoli??? There was so many rumours on the due date.... will it be somewhere in November???? I am really in need of tivoli for my birthday present next week.....( hint!! hint for DH!!!!!):graucho:
  2. No one has reported getting it yet. Latest news is that it's been pushed back to 11/15.
  3. same here, was told sometime but no definite date just that i'll get a waiting patiently for that ring ring :smile:
  4. My Sa said the 15th.
  5. thanks for the info gals!!! I cant wait to get a hold of tivoli, but I wonder will the waiting list be so so for months maybe.....???? :sweatdrop:
    Are many ppl interested in tivoli as well????? Will it be out of stock in seconds....????? Oh sorryyy for being very curious ..... I really love that bag!!!!:drool:
  6. its hard to say how well a bag will sell at launch. it also depends on how the factory keeps up with production. it is possible that they could be sold out for weeks at a time if the factory doesn't produce to keep up with the demand. however, the tivoli is part of the permanent collection, so its not as stressful as an LE.
  7. I've just read from another blog that tivoli has been pushed again to the 23rd this month. What a bummer!!!! :search:
    Seems like many ppl interested in tivoli!!
    Is tivoli will become the "new speedy" ????
  8. ya, official out 11/23/07.. i checked too
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