Is Tivoli GM bag looks like old people's bag?

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  1. Hi, i plan to purchase the Tivoli GM bag as my 1st LV purchase. 1 of my friend told me this pattern of bag looks a little bit like old people's bag after I share with her. Feel a bit down after hear that:sad: Any opinion on Tivoli GM bag looks???
  2. This bag is hot and is always sold out. So do not let 1 opinion bother you.
  3. Lol I doubt anyone here will agree with your friend. Its a gorgeous bag!
  4. I think you've got a jealous friend as that is a great bag and one I personally hope to own someday.
  5. Any LV is always in style IMPO.
  6. it's her opinion, what's wrong with that? I feel that classic chanel flap is an old lady bag, and I don't feel jealous of anyone who has it:smile: LOL, that's ridiculous. If you like the bag, get the bag. Someone is always going to have an opinion about things you own.
  7. not at all. the shape is very youthful and trendy, but at the same time, you will be able to get years of use out of it
  8. +1
  9. Sorry if my post sounded *****y, I didn't mean for it to.
    I had my tivoli Gm today all day , out , spending the day with my girlfriend, shopping, and lunch . Its the most gorgeous bag I own-please try it on for size and i promise you will adore her@!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  11. No way!
  12. Sounds like me when I like something and I can't have it...hahaha...
    Sour grapes...
    Do you care what other people think? It's for you not for you friend...

    I guess I'm old..LOL
  13. I have only seen Tivoli GM on younger people IMO. Never old people :lol: I think it is quite a trendy bag. Depends on how you wear it :biggrin:
  14. I am 34 and love this bag!!! If you like it, I say go for it!!!
  15. I've seen it only a couple of times, oddly, and the women were different ages. It's definitely not a "old lady purse." unless your friend is under 20 then everyone older than 25 is considered old.