Is tihs your collection??

  1. HOLY SMOKES! Not mine!
  2. Yeah, Rocker's not a grandma yet!!!
  3. 1111111111111:shocked:
  4. [borat] it's



  5. WHOA NELLIE!:drool:
  6. :wtf:
  7. Think of the time it took the little angels to take everything out, and then put everything back. Back just right.
  8. I'll never get tired of looking at these pictures. I think the collection belongs to Bryan Boy's mom....
  9. Gotta love this shot! I think there are more oranges boxes in this room than in my local H!! :lol:

    Too much1.jpg
  10. ^^^ Oh! My! (thud)
  11. I feel like I'm shopping from her toilet.
  12. unbelievable! whooa
  13. Actually, no. Bryan Boy wrote at length about the author of this blog. Apparently, there has been some controversy regarding fakes.
  14. I find her bag color choices interesting ~ mostly orange, red & black.