Is Tiffany silver really worth it?

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  1. I'm not sure if there already is a thread like this but I haven't been able to find exactly the answer I'm looking for! I recently got into Tiffany. I'm usually a gold lover but there is something about Tiffany silver that is irrisistable!
    I especially love the key and lock collections and think it would look really cute either on a chain or as a charm bracelet.
    My question is, is it really worth it?!
    I feel like the silver tarnishes easily and gets really scratched up. I know that its inevitable but I feel like it just makes an overpriced piece of jewellery look cheap!
    Should I save up for the gold? For those with tiffany collections, did the silver lose its novalty? Did you stop wearing silver once you got gold? Do charm bracelets get super scratched up?
    I know its alot of questions :blush: ...I'm in need of some help! :smile:
    SO...Tiffany silver: Yay or Nay?! :graucho:
  2. I personally prefer gold or platinum over silver. If Tiffany has the same design in all metals, I generally would get the platinum version or the gold version. I do own a few Tiffany silver pieces because I feel these pieces look better in silver. The tarnishing drives me off the wall but a quick dip in the silver cleaning solution does the trick. You can get them polished once they are really scratched up and they would come back looking like new.

    All in all, if you can afford it, I would suggest that you get the gold and platinum pieces first.
  3. I agree...I sold pretty much all of my silver pieces. I hated the tarnishing, and much prefer my Tiffany platinum and gold pieces.
  4. Is it my preference? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely, if I love the design and it's not offered in gold. The maintenance is higher, but the pieces do retain value, are well-designed, of high-quality, and the price is appealing enough to warrant the purchase.
  5. I think it's worth it to buy some Tiffany silver pieces. Craftsmanship and customer service is excellent based on my experience. I still wear mine casually. Silver (even gold) gets scratched up but I love the look of it with patina. Easy to sell also when you get tired of those pieces but lower resale value. But I do not see myself expanding my collection of silver pieces (3 t&co + 1 pandora with charms). Still inclined to gold jewelries and diamonds.
  6. Thanks for your opinions! I am 20 years old and its hard to afford gold pieces and not fall prey to the cheaper silver :blush:
    I love the lock and key collections and wanted to put them on a charm bracelet but now I just think it will become way too scratched. I'm scared that I will buy silver and love it but then when I buy gold, i'll just stop wearing my silver. Hope that makes sense.
  7. In terms of raw material value, 925 silver is cheap. That said, I still buy silver from Tiffany every now and then, as some of their pieces I like are only available in silver (such as the blue heart enamel key, which is one of my favourites). As long as I wear silver often, it won't tarnish on me.

    If available though, I'll always go for either rose gold or platinum over silver.
  8. I have pieces in all of their metals except plated copper and I've found that they've all lasted a long time and none have ever broken or shown excessive wear. Most of a piece's longevity depends on how its owner treats it. Also, just because I own a few gold pieces doesn't mean I don't wear my silver. I like to mix and match and I appreciate the options. I even own a couple of designs in both gold AND silver and find them 100% worth it.
  9. Personally, if I decide to buy Tiffany's silver pieces they are almost always necklaces. I feel that they have less of a chance of becoming scratched as opposed to a bracelet. Some of Tiffany's pieces only come in silver or yellow gold. In this case, if you prefer something with a "white" (I don't know how to better say it) coloring as opposed to yellow, than silver is really your only option. Beyond this, realistically I know that I might not forever love some of the necklaces I have bought, so I decide to spend less and get the silver. If it is something I know I will love for years and years, I would go with gold or platinum. And just as a personal preference, I don't like to buy anything with diamonds in a silver setting. I prefer gold or platinum for that as well.
  10. I like the way you look at things! I had a silver pandora bracelet and got really sick of the tarnishing so I sold all my charms and upgraded to gold. Thats why I say I will get sick of the silver. I just think that Tiffany is so timeless and they are well known for their silver! Plus owning one design in multiple metals may be refreshing :graucho:
  11. I see what you mean with the necklaces. A necklace would be a good option so it doesn't scratch excessively and drive me up the wall :lol:
    I think the only thing I would never get sick of and wear for many years is a wedding band :graucho:
  12. Great advice
  13. I'm a gold girl, but I love tiffany silver. Not everything, but what I do have I love to bits. The older I get, the more I notice i go for the substantial silver pieces. This is what draws me to Hermes sterling, too. Talk about questioning whether a sterling piece is "worth it" or not! H silver jewelry is over the moon expensive.

    My favorite sterling piece is not a designer item though. It's a heavy sterling ring I got at Ross, of all places. Just goes to show, things are only worth it if you know you'll love and wear it.
  14. I absolutely love silver due to the patina that it builds up over time. Also, items that have engravings in them tend to build up patina in the engraving while remaining polished and shiny on the external surfaces, which I find strongly adds to the appeal. However for dressy pieces, I platinum is preferred.
  15. I think it depends on the piece. For example, I really love the Elsa Peretti Bottle design but in gold, it's way, way out of my price point, so I bought it in silver and I'm very happy. I think when you can afford the other metals, than go for it, but if you can't and can only get it in silver, I think you will be just as happy. I own a lot of Tiffany silver and there's only one piece that I'm having an issue with tarnish - my Daisy key - it's a beautiful piece but the area around the daisy goes grey real easily and so I wouldn't recommend it simply because I'm having to clean it all the time it seems.

    ETA - I also have Tiffany gold pieces and no, it hasn't made a difference in liking my silver pieces less as a result.