Is Tiffany on the brains?

  1. I want Tiffany something this Valentine's Day. :drool: I've been looking at the purse pens and envelope photo holders.[​IMG]

    What Tiffany piece do you want this Valentine's Day?:heart::heart::heart:
  2. I'd actually love a sugar stacks ring but I cant see me getting that for a Valentines present...!
    I'd be happy with him remembering to buy me a card, :smile:
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  4. I want the double heart necklace but I dont really know what size is the mini so i am not sure yet. I'll try to go to Tiffanys to look at it but is just so fu*** far away :sad:

  5. I wanted to get this necklace before, since it looks really cute on the site. So i went to Tiffanys, but the size of the hearts are about 0.5 cm, really tiny. :s
  6. I've wanted the RTT round tag charm bracelet in silver forever. They just had a price increase since a few days ago. Was 200 now it's 205. I like how the tag is now a removeable charm.