Is this your purse picture!!??

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  1. Hello ladies i was looking on craigslist and saw this pic someones selling for $50.00 and it looks like a pic that someone has posted on "whats in your bag?" thread PPPLLLEASE check if this is yours and email this person to take it down this is not right! i am beside myself angry i am SO sure ots one of you girls photos!!

  2. why would anyone in their right mind sell the papillon for $50? It has to be fake.
  3. oh im sure it is! but using a authentic pic taken from it its makes people think their gettong a good deal! this is downright discusting IMO!
  4. It looks real, but I really doubt it's the one she owns. If it was real I don't think she would doubt the authenticity of the bag.
  5. what a dumb ad i hate when people are so lazy with posting sales lol
  6. I Agree!! hate FAKES also
  7. Tom me i LOOKS fake.
  8. Wow, she sure does have a lot of LV accessories for being a Coach girl who doesn't like LV!!! lol
  9. that's what I ws thinking too:biggrin:
  10. If she doesnt like LV can I get it all for 75?? LOL
  11. ^^Seriously!
  12. My thought exactly!
  13. That's sad. Somebody is probably thinking they get all of that for 50 bucks....