Is this your bag???

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  1. Ive seen a lot of LV purse photos online that are just gross inside . Stained and Dirty . I Just wonder how do they get like this ? My bags are mint condition inside and out . I cant even dream about how this happens . I mean who does this to such an expensive bag . Then they list them for sell . Even worse people buy them! What are you thoughts on this ?
  2. Most of the stains I have seen are make up stains and ink. That's why I purchased a purse organizer and a pen case for my pens. There is rarely anything that touches the inside of my purse.
  3. I carry makeup and pens inside a pochette in my bags so the things that can "spill and stain" are always tucked away. That said, an LV is just a purse to the majority of the people who buy them. People use and abuse them. I do volunteer traffic duty at my children's elementary school each morning and you should see the inside of some people's cars! Their Lexus', Mercedes, Land Rovers, Lincolns, BMW's, etc. are like trash cans on wheels!
  4. …Trash cans on wheels…..:roflmfao:
    This analogy cracked me up….because it's so true!!
  5. It's disgusting to resell something that's been used like that. Just another reason I've can't get myself to purchase just never no. Not to offend to anyone who's comfortable with it, I know some preloved bags are in mint. I actually sold my Speedy and it was pretty much brand new. I need to keep my bags very organized. Everything has a place and a case it sits inside of. No loose items...drives me nuts, lol!
  6. :lolots:
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    I guess some people are just slobs . Thats gross . I wash my cars once a week rain or shine . I call it discipline my husband calls it crazy .
  8. OP I've also wondered about this. I can only assume these people are much richer than I am! :lol: But even my cheaper bags don't have stains; I try to be careful because seeing the stain all the time would just annoy me. I'm a bit of a perfectionist though.
  9. An ink pen once leaked into a raspberry alcantara lined bag I have. I had it relined. Accidents happen. I'm certainly not a slob! :roflmfao:

    People have children who put things in and take things out of their bags. They use their bags as a bag and not a work of art. I think you just have to accept to each their own and that's how ebay started ... one person's trash is another person's treasure and all that!
  10. some ppl use the as* of the bags till the point it completly worn
    and some just don't care as they use it a bit and then get a new one