Is this worth returning?

  1. Hello,

    I've been reading this forum on an off for about two weeks and you guys seem extremely knowledgeable about your Toki's. I recently ordered an Inferno Ciao from the Southhampton outlet and just got it today (yippee) but my joy was a bit over shadowed when I noticed slight creases on the front of the bag where the top ring is placed. Is this normal?

    My only hesitation in bringing this up is because I probably can't return it because it was from the outlet store. When I was at the Woodbury Commons one, I was told as I was leaving the store that all sales were final. Second, because it is an outlet store, perhaps I should expect slight flaws such as this? What do you think?

    Overall, the crease is not terribly noticable from a distance but it does bother me a bit. Print placement is very nice. Should I chance it?

    Best, Wendy
  2. you can't make returns to the outlets :sad: should be written on the receipt.
  3. When you say "creases" what exactly do you mean?

    The bags do wrinkle when packed/stored/folded, but those types of creases come out.
  4. it's probably creased bc of how they stored/displayed the bag. after you use it for a bit, i think it should be fine. if it really bothers you, maybe you should lay the bag flat and put something heavy over it for a couple of days to "iron" it out? :shrugs:
  5. Creases eventually fade if you iron them out carefully, or put a heavy book on top. And Inferno anything is hard to come by, so...:/
  6. With the flap down, the crease is by the ring. You can't really see it from a distance because it just happened to crease in a white space. I have been stretching it all afternoon to see if it would smooth out some. :shrugs: It does look better when I hold it flat across. LOL. :smile:

    I will try to get a photo of it uploaded. I'm new at this so it might take some time.

    You are right Jenryalee, it is difficult enough to get anything Inferno. I guess I will keep it.

    Thanks for responding.
  7. I know you cannot return to the outlets, but maybe you will be able to do an exchange? It wouldn't hurt to call tomorrow to check. If not, then hopefully the crease will come out when you put some stuff in the bag. Maybe the weight inside will help!
  8. Yeah, I'd like to see a picture of exactly what you're talking about.