is this worth buying?

  1. what do you guys think of the color? TIA :yes: [​IMG]
  2. oops, here are the picture again
  3. I love the color! Sorta pumpkin/salmon? Not sure about the "stitches" tho'
  4. Its hot, but i want a black one more
  5. i love the shape, love the color but i want to make sure that it's not one of those "fads" that fade quickly...what do you think?:confused1:
  6. Is this last years coral color? If so, I have that bag and love it, but this is not a good representation of the true color.
  7. apparently it's called "rose pink" color according to the consignor I'm thinking of buying from, however I haven't seen the bag in real life so I'm not quite sure if it's "pink" or "coral"...what does coral look like? do you have a pic?
  8. I'm just going to be honest and say that I'm not all that crazy about the color.
  9. It's not an expensive looking colour. Makes the bag look cheap.
  10. I've seen that color in person and think I'm not sure if the photo does it justice.
    I looks kind of flat in the pic and in person it had allot more pizazz.
    I think its a nice departure from the typical black.
  11. I have this bag in silver... dont like this colour.. but then at the end of the day its ur opinion that counts as u will be forking out the money!
  12. it is a nice departure from the typical black. I'm going to think about it some more before I fork out the money :wondering
  13. Love the bag, not the color.
  14. I'm now leaning towards NOT getting this. Something classy would be a much better choice, especially since these bags aren't cheap. I'm looking for my first Chanel... I guess I should buy wisely. Thanks again guys for the input! :sweatdrop: