Is this worth a repair?

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  1. Hi All,
    Here is my daughter's beaten Burberry - Hope you can see the tear along the fabric, has anyone encountered the same issue? Do you know if Burberry would repair it and if the answer is positive, what was the cost. OR should I just drop it off at Goodwill .. :biggrin:. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  2. No experience in this issue. I will first check with Burberry boutique store to see what they have to say. Good luck!
  3. Check with Burberry or maybe a purse repair place..
  4. Hi ujili and Avamon - I will do that. Thank you!
  5. Well, yeah they are expensive bags, not? You should definitely get it checked out, where was it purchased, a Burberry boutique? I always buy at their own boutiques and I once had my trench torn by a friend more than a year after purchase and they had it repaired at no cost to me, they can be really great, of course this depends on your locations. I would certainly not just drop something like this off at Goodwill.
  6. yes!
  7. Yes, worth it!
  8. Hello everybody - I hope you are enjoying a nice easter sunday so far. Just want to keep you posted with regards to my repair :

    About three weeks back I stopped in at the local burberry store and one of the SA told me all repairs are done out of NY. Fine, I left the bag with them and on friday a call came through to inform me that the bag "has been repaired and is ready for collection". While on the way to a farewell function I stopped in to pick it up [I was very excited and can't wait to see the outcome]. Well ... when the SA bought out the bag, I examined it and guess what ... it looks just like before. There was no mention of this (that the bag was not repaired) by the person who called me.

    As time was tight on my side, I could not stay behind to speak to them further and I left word that somebody call me. Later on, someone from Burberry did call me but I could not take their call. And much later, I received an email that said something like this " ... The handbag was repaired by the Rago brothers in newyork. And as quoted by them "that's all I really can do here, seeing more and more of these fabric bags frayed at the bottom and I don't know what else to do". :nogood::faint::faint::faint::sad:

    Fellow tpfers - Can you please share with me any of your experience? Also, what do you think of Modern Leather Goods in NY. I have read about them in the brand but not here and it seemed they specialised in handbags repair etc.

    Thank you for listening.

    Any thing you can share will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Yes for sure.